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What is the difference between ESG and CSR – 2024 Guide

by Jovica Radulovich

It is important for a company to be successful. But what is success? Is it just profit? Certainly not. Success is about getting everything done on time and in the way it should be done and everyone is happy with what they received as a service or result at the end of a process. In translation, for a company, it would mean to make a high enough profit, to have happy employees, to have a successful reputation in front of all associates and all customers, and of course – to be among the best. But how to get to all this? How hard do you have to work to achieve this? Hard work does not exist, there is only commitment and desire to achieve success.

In order to achieve success, companies often follow certain success schemes that have already been implemented by some of the largest companies in the world. It is a sign to them that it can work that way and that it is right for them too, but they are wrong. It is always necessary to take into account your own business in which you work, the situation in the company and of course the size of the company. When all these things are taken into account, then certain standards and principles can be considered according to which the company can be guided, ie which it can accept with its work and thus help itself to reach the new goal that it considers better than the one previously planned.

This is especially true when it comes to investments. When companies estimate that they have enough funds that should not just sit like that but should be managed and used, they need to make an extensive observation, extensive observation and see if the idea they had for the investment is good. , why it is good, where is the risk, what will be obtained from it, and for how long. It should also be seen if there are any opportunities, obstacles, threats, etc., because only then will you get the right answer that will tell the company to invest or not to invest. The ESG or Environmental, Social, and Governance is often mentioned in this section, but the CSW or Corporate Social Responsibility is also mentioned, which companies or management often think are the same or similar, and in fact, there is a huge difference between them, especially in views. . Want to know what the difference is and what they actually cover? If this is exactly the information you need, this is actually our topic today, but how do you get the answers? All it will take is to read through and get acquainted with these answers. Ready? In that case, we can start!

What is an ESG?

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If you have been reading about the ESG standards for a while, ie the direction of action in the business world and you were not very clear about what it is about, then we are here to clarify things. As the full name says, Corporate Social Responsibility, these are views, things that are taken care of, ie standards that the company is careful to meet, ie to be part of its operations and the strategy it has. What does that mean? This means that the work should be careful and implement the work from the aspect of ecology, ie to calculate climate change, water consumption and its safety, air quality, and many other things that fall into this part, and which often companies are affected. Furthermore, this includes the social aspect. In that part, the views are focused on other segments such as community relations, gender representation, mental state, and similar things that are also important. At the end is the management that looks from the aspect of company management, internal processes, partnerships, and the like. These are then taken as a whole and used as a guide in many situations, which you can learn more about by reading what they have prepared from insights.diligent.com.

So what does CSR mean and what does it cover?

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After getting acquainted with the first course of affairs, now it is time to get acquainted with the second course of affairs. What exactly is it about? It is about Corporate Social Responsibility, ie a concept that promotes work in terms of multiple moments. The company, employees, associates, customers, and society are important here. But what does this concept actually cover? This direction of work promotes work in the direction of the market, ie to cover as much as possible what is worked and placed on the market, then in terms of ethical rules and procedures and their observance, care, and generosity, focus on resources, their spending and replacing the old bad with new and better resources, the goals that need to be improved and improved, long-term planning, responsibility greater than necessary, ie not only the work is important but also something above that and in the end the focus is also devoted to sustainability. What does this mean? This means that the difference between the first and this concept of work is huge, and to better understand them, let’s see what the difference is that we will talk about below.

What is the difference between these two concepts?

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If you were wondering if there is a difference and what is the difference between these two concepts, then we would like to clarify that. Yes, there is a difference between the concepts, and the difference is the following. The ESG concept speaks from a different aspect. It is an aspect that is primarily focused on the operation, the investment, the plans, and the procedures that the company should follow. While the other concept known by the acronym CSR is a bit broader and covers more. It is a concept that is dedicated, that is caring, and better composed. There is a part that is focused on society, the environment, takes care of ethics, resources … Simply the first concept is more towards the company, and the second is more towards a wider group.

So choose the one that best suits your industry, work plans and the type of company you are, and the size of the company. Choose wisely and act smart!