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Signs You Need to Change Your Old Ute Canopy

by William Gist

Everyone who wants to go on long adventures, who loves to explore nature, and who wants to use their vehicles for more than just driving around town, knows how important the additional features of the vehicle are. The ute canopy or the mounting structure is used to cover the whole truck or vehicle and allow the owner to transport different items, tools, and even store additional items in their car. Today, there are many different types of chassis trays, and if you’ve been using them for a while, you probably know all the benefits that come with them.

However, just like every other item we own, these units have a limited lifetime, and you need to be aware of when is the right time to replace them. In case you don’t replace them, you risk your safety, the overall condition of the vehicle, and the safety of everyone on the road. Continue reading if you want to learn about some of the most common signs that you need to change your old ute canopy.

The unit is damaged

img source: austates.com.au

The first sign that you need to replace this part of your vehicle is if you can visibly see that it is torn out, broken, or damaged. Depending on the material of the canopy and the way you maintain it, it could last for a long time, but know that you cannot keep using it for decades.

If you see that there are tears if you can see that there are holes in it, and if it doesn’t provide the usual protection, that you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Note that if you try to delay this, and if you try to keep using it, you risk damaging your vehicle.

There are cracks

The next thing you should look out for is cracks. Note that some of them may be really small and barely visible, but this is the first sign that you need to do something about your canopy. In some cases, depending on the material of the unit, you may be able to patch them and postpone the replacement for a few more months, however, if you notice visible cracks on it, and if you cannot do anything to fix them, you may need to change the unit.

Note that cracks usually appear when the unit is exposed to extreme conditions, and they may lead to more serious issues. Don’t forget to inspect the whole unit for them, and do this at least once every season.

It’s not fit for your needs

img source: appc-aip2016.org.au

As you already know, there are many different types of materials that the ute canopies can be made of, and depending on the model you choose, you can get more or fewer things done. Some are made for professionals, while others are perfect for people who just need a little bit more storage and protection of their vehicles.

If you are looking for a new model that is perfect for camping, and even for professionals, you could look here and see the difference the high-quality canopies make when you make this purchase.

Note that if you notice that the unit you already have installed on your truck does not satisfy your needs anymore; if you need something more durable, better, or just bigger, you should consider replacing it.

You can notice water leaking

In case there are holes or cracks on the canopy, water will start leaking inside the unit. As we mentioned before, these cracks may be really small, and you may not notice them right away. However, you will definitely notice the water.

Many owners make the mistake of ignoring the water leaking inside their vehicle, and they try to look for other excuses why this is happening. Always check your truck when it starts to rain, to make sure that nothing will make your equipment all wet. Note that even if you are not currently storing anything inside it, if there is water leaking, it will quickly lead to rust, mold, and it will definitely do some serious damage to your vehicle.

There is dust inside the unit

img source: utemaster.co.nz

Sometimes the holes and the cracks in the unit are not big enough for water to penetrate, but they will definitely let some dust in. Note that depending on the material you’ve chosen, some of the canopies are better for dust protection, while others will not provide this feature.

In case you travel off-road and if you want your goods to be protected, then you need to choose a canopy that will protect everything you store. If you can see that there is constant dust in your vehicle, no matter how frequently you are cleaning it, you may need to think about changing it. Even if it is not damaged, it may just not be a model that will provide the needed protection, so it would be better for you to purchase a new one.

You have no visibility

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is visibility. As you already know, some of these units are big and bulky.

There are some drivers that don’t mind this, but if you notice that the unit is getting dusty all the time if you cannot see well enough, and if you don’t feel safe when you are out on the road, you need to pick another model. Choose something that will not limit your visibility and that will not obstruct any angle while you are driving.

Note that you should change the unit and get a new one if it looks worn out or bent, and if you don’t feel secure while driving. If you notice some strange sounds, if it feels like it is going to fall apart or detach when you are driving, the best thing you can do is invest in a newer and better model. These are some of the signs you should never ignore, and you should always look for a ute canopy that is fit for your needs, that is big enough for your vehicle, and that fits in your budget.