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Shia LaBeouf Makes a Rare Public Appearance Accompanied by Pregnant Girlfriend

by Nebojša Vujinović

Shia LaBeouf was spotted in the company of Mia Goth. The pair was together at Chuck E. Cheese, alone, without children, at this venue intended for kids. The two have an on-and-off relationship that seems to be in a calm harbor right now. The weekend was reserved for them, as they were playful at Chuck E. Cheese, without anyone bothering them.

This location is known as kid-friendly, but the pair were caught by photographers, without any children in sight, but one possibly on the way. People from TMZ were quick to get their hands on the photos, and they were the first ones to publish the pictures. Judging by the images, one would be led to believe that Goth is pregnant for the first time. The actress had a clear belly showing under her t-shirt. The representatives of the pair gave no comment on this subject, not the pair announced their newcomer.

Source: tmz.com

The 35-year old LaBeouf has no children from his previous relationships, and the situation is the same for Mia Goth. The English actress and the Transformers star have been married for a while now, with a few public breakups, with divorce being on the table in some instances. At the moment it is not clear when the pair got back together, as the most recent reports suggested they were separated. The pair have been on and off since 2012, with the knot tying coming in 2016. They met on the set of a film titled Nymphomaniac.

Their messy relationship was quite public, and so were their fights. Back in 2015, they were caught fighting on camera with Shia famously saying: “If I’d have stayed there, I would have killed her.” Following the incident, they split, and LaBeouf started dating Sasha Lane. Despite living together, the Fury actor and Lane broke up, and the actor got back with Goth, marrying her in 2016 at an unknown Las Vegas location.

Source: pagesix.com

Their marriage lasted for two years before another big split. Shia wasn’t alone for too long, as he entered a vivid relationship with FKA Twigs the same year he split from Mia. But, in 2024 another messy breakup followed with the pop star coming out with allegations of emotional and physical abuse. LaBeouf denied these allegations. Once this whole ordeal was behind him, the actor got back with Mia Goth.

The pair were spotted together since 2024, often wearing their wedding rings, leading people to believe that they never divorced. This news outlet doesn’t have any information regarding their divorce or legal reconciliation. It would seem that they never finalized their divorce and that their relationship took off where it left off. Considering that Shia was away from the public eye for a while, we wouldn’t exclude the possibility that they got divorced and re-married.

While LaBeouf is getting his personal affairs in line, his acting career is still on hold, being unable to land a role after being dropped from Don’t Worry Darling, described as being tough to work with, and facing legal actions from his former girlfriend. Things started to look bright after his appearance in Honey Boy, but now it seems his erratic behavior is costing him a brighter future in Hollywood.