She Was Unrecognizable, But Now Jessica Simpson Looks Better

by Elsa Stringer

Jessica Simpson was very unrecognizable, but now finally she looks better. She had a lot of problems while she was pregnant, and she was always very swollen.

Jessica Simpson

She was always talking about how everything is difficult for her, and she shared glimpses from her pregnancy with her followers. She was always talking about how she can’t wait to give birth.

Jessica Simpson

As time passed it was even harder for her, and the photos that she shared with her followers were proof of that.

She was always sharing photos and moments from her pregnancy days. One of those moments was when she broke down the toilet seat. That was funny, but also a bit sad because you could’ve seen how difficult life is for her.

Jessica Simpson

But now everything is different when she finally gave birth to her baby.

Recently she shared a photo that cheered her fans up. She shared a photo with a caption that she can finally see her ankles.

Jessica Simpson ankles

And every mother and every pregnant woman that follows her were very happy for her. One of her followers even said that she is happy for her because that means that there is still hope for her.

Jessica Simpson

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