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Dream Your Way Out of Lockdown at a Self-Catering Villa in Sicily

by Dangula Bingula

Hoping to kick-start its vital tourism sector, Italy seems to be edging back to normality after being one of the hardest-hit countries by the coronavirus pandemic. The Bel Paese re opened its doors to tourists on Wednesday, June 3rd, three months after they were shut as the country went into one of Europe’s toughest and most stringent lockdowns to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Just off the south coast of Italy, Sicily is one of the Italian regions least affected by the pandemic. An early and very strict lockdown on the island has resulted in relatively few cases of Covid-19. Sicily was quick to adopt preventive measures, and will soon be able to declare itself entirely coronavirus-free.

Italy’s largest island reopened to tourism at the beginning of June, and visitors are allowed in with no 14-day self-quarantine. Once in Sicily, tourists face the same restrictions imposed on all Italians, which include wearing a protective face mask in public, observing one-meter social distancing, and avoiding large gatherings.


If these nearly three months of lockdown have left you missing warm golden sunlight, limpid skies, pristine beaches, and crystalline waters, a villa holiday in Sicily absolutely needs to be on your bucket list. Here is why renting a vacation home is the safest choice at the moment.

Why planning a ‘safe-cation’ in Sicily is the way to go

Alluring, well-located, self-catering holiday rentals in sun-drenched Sicily have always been a very popular option for many travelers, as the very nature of a private villa means you can enjoy the comforts and state-of-the-art facilities of a hotel, but with no other guests staying there. Interest in self-catering vacation homes is expected to soar this year following the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.


Planning a vacation with social distancing in mind is crucial, and self-contained villa holidays are by far the safest way to travel right now, as their status makes them ideal for effective social distancing from strangers.

Villa rentals complete with private swimming pool and garden, a fully-equipped kitchen and high-spec amenities are likely to be in great demand this summer.

Self-contained holiday accommodation, such as private pool villas and secluded countryside retreats, allow you to avoid interacting with people outside of the group of family and friends you are traveling with.

There are no shared facilities, so you are not expected to enter enclosed spaces with hordes of people you don’t know, such as buffet breakfast areas, lobbies and crowded hotel pools and spas – not to mention shared showers and toilets. It is much easier to practice social distancing from strangers in a private villa than in a hotel, camping site or holiday resort.

Furthermore, the properties are deep cleaned and fully sanitized prior to guests’ arrival, and high-touch points and surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and bathroom amenities are thoroughly disinfected.

Top reasons why you will never want to leave Sicily once you get there


No other Mediterranean island has Sicily’s riches; its vivid blend of the ancient and the modern, and its matchless combination of art, culture, idyllic beaches, crystalline waters, delectable food, and fine wine.

Over the course of its 3000-year history, Sicily’s abundant natural resources and strategic geographical position at the very heart of the Mediterranean have lured dozens of cultures to its shores. Through the centuries, it has served as a crossroads and crucible for every major European, Mediterranean and North African civilization, including Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Byzantines, Normans, Carthaginians, Saracens, Phoenicians, Islamic Moors, Bourbons, Spaniards, British and French.


No other place in the world has seen such a remarkable parade of ancient peoples leave behind tidal flats of traditions, architecture, and food. Greek amphitheaters, Roman ruins, Arabesque domes, lavish gold-colored Baroque churches, Bronze Age tombs, Byzantine mosaics, terracotta-hued Norman cathedrals… this gorgeous island has it all – plus, it is still relatively untouched by most tourist routes.

The layering of different waves of settlers reflects in the island’s gastronomy culture. Sicilian cuisine is literally to die for. As any fan of the popular Sicilian detective series Inspector Montalbano already knows, this Mediterranean island boasts one of the world’s most varied cuisines, with great seafood and local produce infused with the taste of rich, multicultural history.

Both foodies and wine lovers will find much to delight them here. This sun-drenched, southern Italian island is home to different microclimates that are excellent for growing grapes and producing wine. Its balmy temperatures and bright sunlight mitigated by cooling sea breezes suit wine production, and it comes as no surprise that Sicily has become one of the top wine regions in the world.


If you are sun- and beach worshipper, there’s plenty to appeal on Sicily’s almost 1,000-mile coastline. From hard-to-reach bays and hidden coves framed by high rocky cliffs to pristine marine reserves and never-ending stretches of sandy beaches with restaurants serving the freshest of fish, there is literally something for everyone.

With over 300 days of bright sunshine a year, this spectacular part of Italy is also an outdoor lover’s heaven and a year-round hub for water sports enthusiasts. From trekking, biking, hiking, and rock climbing to scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, there’s a lot to do on this triangle-shaped, mountainous island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Daydreaming about your next villa holiday in Sicily? Renting a vacation home is definitely the way to go. There’s no shortage of private villas to rent, some of which are available exclusively through SelectSicilyVillas.com, one of the island’s leading vacation-rental companies.

Casa Alba

Founded in the mid-2000s, Select Sicily Villas specializes in renting unique and seriously exclusive private properties all over the island. Its ever-growing collection includes family villas with direct beach access and multiple outdoor relaxation areas, exclusive city-center apartments, and sumptuous mansions in true Sicilian style with private swimming pool and far-reaching sea views.

Have you already chosen the self-catering holiday rental that best suits your needs? Be sure to book well in advance.