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How Long Does It Take To See Results Using Whole-Body Vibration Therapy

by Tracy Finke

Whole-body vibration is a new and revolutionary way of exercising, which helps to break down fat deposits in the body faster, and thus reduce the volume of the abdomen, buttocks, and any targeted parts. It is applied in a way that the person is either standing or lying down, and the vibrations treat the critical parts. It has positive effects on lymphatic drainage and the release of excess trapped fluid in your body.

Vibrations help with muscle contractions, which burn more calories. This means that in a short time you replace an activity equal to at least one hour, but still, it can not be said that the effect is the same. That is why there are machines and methods that are designed for different groups of people.

What are the effects of a whole-body vibration workout?

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Such training is short because they last an average of 15 minutes. But is that enough for any benefit?

According to what is known so far, the biggest benefits are:

  • Losing extra pounds
  • Breaking down the fats
  • Great for those who are not active
  • Reduction of blood pressure
  • Help with cellulite problems
  • Strengthen your body
  • Better muscle mass structure
  • Harmony in bodybuilding
  • Addition to your fitness habits and practices

Many fitness trainers and vibration-machine advocates claim that the effects will be visible even after a month. However, they advise you to combine this method with a healthy diet, as well as with additional low-intensity exercises, to relax the muscles and lymph nodes.

How does this machine work?

Due to the vibrations, your muscles are in constant contraction, which means that the circulation is instantly improved. While standing on the vibrating machine, the muscles constantly reflexively hold you in an upright position.

That way they are active all the time and burn calories, and the intensity with which this happens depends on the strength of the vibrations.

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How Many Calories Are Burned and When Can I Expect the First Results?

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A 10-minute session burns 150 to 190 calories, which means that in 15 minutes it would be more than 200 calories.

You will see the visible effects in just a few weeks, although after the first exercise you will feel stronger and more flexible.

Start with 10-minute sessions and increase the time as needed. The stimulation is great, so you should not go with the strongest vibrations or a long session from the first training. Do the increase of intensity in stages, when you feel that you are ready for it.

Are there categories of people who should not use vibrating machines for exercise?

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Even the healthiest people need to consult a doctor before deciding that this method is good for them. Those who have certain health problems should avoid using vibrating machines because the effort that is created is too great.

This group includes people with serious cardiovascular disorders, thrombosis, those who have recently had surgery and still have wounds on the body, people with a pacemaker implant, and those who experience electrolyte imbalance in their body.

Pregnant women must be especially careful. There will probably be no risk in the first few weeks, but if you are planning to expand your family and you may be pregnant, these machines are not for you. It is the same with those undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment because the body is already tired enough.

People with neurological disorders, such as epilepsy, and even those with actinic or chronic migraine problems must be very careful. Avoid vibrating machines if you have recently had joint surgery, or if you have a hernia, spondylosis, discopathy, and similar disorders.

It is advisable for diabetics not to use this method or if they do, it should be the shortest session and in constant coordination with their doctor.

If you have an implant in your body, for any purpose, avoid vibrating machines.

Are the results of this exercise lasting?

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When it comes to this issue we must emphasize one thing – the results last as long as you are willing to maintain them. In this case, it is not a fast diet, because it combines exercise and a special type of diet. The initial results are instant, but it is in a way a preparation for returning to fitness and bringing the body to working condition.

Vibrating machines can be your ally for a long time, but at some point, you will feel the need to start more dynamic exercises or to include a different type of activity in your exercise plan.

In general, even if you achieve the perfect dream look, if you go back to the old habits, the results will disappear in a really short time.

This is an investment in the health of your body, so you need to be consistent in your efforts to keep the results lasting.

As for whether they are fast or slow, it also depends on the initial state you are in when you start exercising. Therefore, it is not possible to give an accurate answer to the question of how long it takes for the first visible results – but what is certain is that you will feel better after the first session.


Your health and the overall body condition must be your priority, especially if you want to accomplish and then maintain long-lasting results. We recommend you be informed about any type of activity that is potentially interesting to you.

Never ignore your overall health condition, since it can be a reason why the results come faster or slower than it’s supposed.

Vibrating machines are an interesting option for anyone who needs initial movements so that they can then train for more complicated training methods. Therefore, study this aspect and give it a chance, if you find yourself in the description and in the concept. At the end of the day, the benefits to your physical strength and health are countless.