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How to Pick a Dress According to Your Body Type?

by Lana

Are you trying to find a dress to improve your look and launch your fashion sense? You’re at the right place if you want to reimagine your best self and figure out what fits you. However, reviewing your wardrobe to see what still flatters your shape is tough.

Read on and find out how you can effectively pick a dress according to your body type.

Your Body Shape

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Bodies come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing a dress is decisive because everyone has their style and manner of dressing. It would be beneficial to select one that matches your body type if you are the one who knows your figure the best. This is where body measurements come in. Your measurements can help you determine how tight or loose a piece will fit on your body.


The chest size can inform you how your bra feels when wearing it. You may use a flexible tape measure and adhere it to your chest. Remember to maintain both hands flat against each other at shoulder height for the most accurate measurement.

While standing upright, you must gauge your chest size to its fullest. If your chest measurement is incorrect, you might be unable to fit yourself in a cup that fits tightly.


It can be challenging to measure the width of your shoulders. Generally, it is the place on your body where your posture will be the most noticeable when you look in a mirror.

Both arms should be fully extended forward and down throughout the measurement. Keep them straight throughout so that they are parallel to the ground. Your shoulder size may indicate how well you appear in a particular dress.


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Measure your natural waist. Stand as upright as you can. The waist is the narrowest point of your torso and is typically located right below the belly button.

You may find out where it is by placing one hand on each side of your hips. Bending slightly forward, measure from where your fingers touch when you stand up again.


It would be best if you wrapped a measuring tape over the area of your hips that is the fullest before taking your measurements. Don’t pull it too tightly, but make sure it’s not too loose or tight.

When standing, place your heels together and directly under your buttocks. Place a heel on either side of your buttocks if you’re seated. Where one flat foot lands on the floor, the top of your hip bone should be parallel. Take measurements in all directions until you find the widest point where two fingers can comfortably fit between skin and tape.

Picking Dress According to Your Body Type

Now that you know your body shape note that there are different body types. Each one deserves its style and cuts of a dress. While you explore the most common body types below, check out Hello Molly for some fine dresses that may flatter your frame.


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Spoon-shaped bodies may resemble pear-shaped figures. The pear differs from the other one in that it curves precisely at the waist. Since a spoon has narrow hips and thighs, it begins to curve outward. The hips and buttocks are wider than the shoulder, where fat builds up.

If you naturally have a figure like this or through exercise, consider yourself lucky. The dress should fit around the waist and hips and be loose at the bottom for spoon-shaped ladies.

Generally, the finest dresses for spoon-shaped figures include high waists and V necklines. These cuts can allow your core extra breathing room without emphasizing how enormous your waist already is.

You may refrain from donning bottom-tight clothing because it can make them appear wider than they already do.


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Rectangle body type is also called a “ruler” or “banana.” It has nearly the same-sized hips, waist, and chest. You may have few curves, unlike apple bodies. Despite having a simple outline, you may have a curving bottom as your asset. Your legs and arms are your best features.

You may select a dress with a neckline accentuating your upper body. It may add a definition to your lower half to compliment your figure. If you are blessed with a wide chest and nice weight around the midriff, strapless and layered tops are your thing.

You may keep away from tight-fitting dresses. Decide to improve your qualities rather than using stuff that can make you appear shorter than you are.


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Some may observe that a triangle type may look like spoon and pear bodies. If you have this shape, your chest and shoulders are smaller than your hips.

With this body type, your bust and shoulders are narrower compared to your hips, and you have a slender upper body. A triangle differs from a spoon body in this way.

You may have defined abs and slender arms. Generally, your waist bends outward to your hips. Boat necks and crop tops might help counter your bottom.

If you like the aesthetic, avoid skin-tight shirts and baggy bottoms.

Inverted Triangle

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The inverted triangle type is similar to the apple body. It is characterized by a larger upper half of the body and a smaller lower half. This means that you have to balance out your proportions.

If you have broader hips and waistlines, try emphasizing them with a pencil-cut skirt. Skinny jeans can also highlight and draw attention to your waistline while keeping the focus on your hips.

Avoid anything that makes you look wider than you are. It can make you appear even more apple-shaped. Wearing high-waisted trousers or miniskirts is less optional unless you are comfortable enough for everyday wear.


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The hourglass form is distinguished by a noticeable waist and a roughly balanced top and bottom. This may indicate that you have a smaller upper torso and a wider lower half of your body. You may have an hourglass body if your shoulders are broader than your hips.

Dresses that hug your body are your style because you have a balanced physique. A-line dresses encourage you to show off your figure as they follow your outlines.

Even if you have slightly fatter upper arms or a slightly bigger bottom, you can still have an hourglass figure. However, wearing loose tops may ruin your style.


When shopping for dresses, knowing if it is appropriate for your body is important. You want to find a style that’s flattering but also comfortable and makes you look your best.

Your body type influences how you should choose your next outfit. After reading this advice, you may now be able to make an informed selection while shopping for a dress. Good luck!