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Smart Ways To Save Your Money On The Move – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

It usually costs a lot of money to move to a new place. But if you plan things smartly, then surely you can save some of your costs. The point is to plan your move strategically.

Like any new business or a new task requires strategic planning, moving to a new place requires you to be tactical and plan a smart move.

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. You cannot avoid some costs, but saving some of your money is still possible. Remember, every penny counts! You should be sure to look at some of the costs saving discussions below.

To help you avoid unnecessary costs, we have enlisted some useful and practical ways to help you save your money on your next move. You will notice some other benefits usually accompany those cost savings as you read along, which will be incredibly helpful if you are moving for the first time and have little experience.

Declutter your place and sell off any unnecessary items

Source: moveoutbin.com

While you’re going through all your belongings, you’ll see many unnecessary items in your house that you don’t even use. They may have taken a large space in your basement or storage rooms, but they’re mostly of no use. For example, a TV set that no one uses, a bed or a sofa lying in your basement is in good condition. Such items will only cost your extra while you’re shifting them.

Therefore, it is better to sell them off. You don’t have to conduct a time-consuming garage sale. Instead, you can take good pictures of each item you wish to sell and put them on relevant Facebook groups or sites. This way, you won’t just be able to get rid of the unnecessary items, but you’ll be able to earn some extra money too!

Moreover, if there are any items that you don’t use and cannot be sold, then you can donate them or give off to someone you know might be needing it. It will further decrease your costs. Furthermore, the less the stuff you are carrying over to the new house, the less money you will spend on moving it. Talk about a triple-level benefit! You get to manage your home space better; you make some money by selling off the stuff you don’t need, and you save money on the move because you have less stuff to move now.

Using packing materials at home or second-hand carton boxes

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Correct packing can be crucial, and you don’t want to compromise on it. But suppose you want to avoid unnecessary costs. In that case, you can wrap them up in things and packing materials that are readily available at your home. For example, if there are small pieces of glassware, then you wrap socks around them, and kitchen towels can separate the plates. Similarly, there may be cartons lying around in your home. If they’re in good condition, then you can reuse them.

If you’re hiring movers for packing, then you can ask them to provide you second-hand boxes. Usually, these boxes are only used once and are still sturdy. So with the help of movers, you can quickly wrap up your belongings in them and secure it with masking tapes, etc. This way, you can save moving costs significantly, and you will also have saved the environment some unnecessary packaging material. The environment and your pocket will be happier.

Don’t overspend on your new home

Source: royalmovingco.com

We know that you’re moving to your new home and you want plenty of new things to decorate it. But we would advise you not to overspend or do impulsive buying. You can buy essential items that you need. But if there’s anything extra that you don’t currently need, then it’s better to shift first and then buy it. Furthermore, wouldn’t it be easier to set the stuff you already have first and then later focus on the decorations? This way, you don’t have to worry about more than one thing at one time.

I recommend that you make your home as comfortable for you as possible because that is the place you want to relax. But there is a fine line between things which are of utility and those which are of no utility. There is no benefit of you buying a decorative wall hanging when you’re still worried about where to put the refrigerator, whether or not the wall hanging is on sale! The advice is that if an expense can be delayed, delay it. Moving is costly enough as it is, and you wouldn’t want to increase that expense unnecessarily.

Book movers beforehand and get quotes from them

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Booking your movers earlier gives you ample time to decide and choose a cost-effective moving company. You may not be sure when you’re moving, but you can still get quotes from different moving companies. After that, you can compare the prices and choose the one which suits you the most. Using these little hacks, you will be able to complete your move at a lower cost and do it effectively. Furthermore, the more you practice it, the more experience you will gain, and the better you will be able to conduct yourself on the next move.

Once you get the quote from a mover, you can also see if they’re some services you don’t require. That way, you can ask the movers that you don’t need specific assistance, and they can remove it, which will further decrease your cost. Try to find a reliable mover who will not overcharge you by billing you for services you do not need.

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