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Are Wooden Brushes Good for Your Hair? – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

Hair health depends not only on your diet, lifestyle, and vitamins in your organism. To keep your locks beautiful, you need to take care of them daily. One of the simplest care procedures is brushing. Hair health professionals recommend using a natural wood brush for this purpose. For more information on why these accessories are the best, how to choose them, and how to care for them, read below.

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Wooden Brush Benefits

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The benefits of using a wooden brush cannot be overstated. Such a product is the healthiest accessory for your hair that you can find on the market right now. Primarily because wood treats your curls more carefully than any other material, it neither injures nor entangles them, and does not leave micro-scratches on your scalp. Besides, a tool that is made of synthetic materials can release some of the chemicals into your locks.

In general, these brushes and combs can be used for any hair type. They are especially useful for those with unruly hair. Unlike plastic and metal products, they have antistatic properties and can make your locks lie flat without any special care products. And owners of brittle hair will appreciate the benefits of a wooden brush, as it gently distributes sebum along the entire length of your locks, protecting it from drying out.

Some wood brushes continue to release aromatic oils over time, providing extra care and nutrition to your hair. It is, among other things, a great addition to aromatherapy. Wood is an environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material that is suitable for both adults and kids. Of course, provided that your accessory does not have a varnish coating, which negates all the useful properties.

Picking Wood Type

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Natural brushes are made of a wide variety of wood species. It is recommended to give preference to hard types since they are more resistant to mechanical damage, which means they will last longer:

  • Oak. It has the best antistatic effect. An oak brush will help strengthen your hair, make it stronger, and help eliminate dandruff problems. This accessory will be an excellent option when applying masks to locks.
  • Sandal. Such a tool improves the general condition of your hair and activates its growth. A sandalwood comb also has a soothing effect on your curls. It is especially good for weak and brittle hair. Sandalwood helps to improve sleep and relieve the scalp irritation.
  • Bamboo. Such a brush will help to care for your hair safely. It does not injure its structure, but, on the contrary, makes it soft and shiny. Besides, bamboo is the most eco-friendly material as it grows and replenishes pretty quickly.
  • Peach. A peach tree accessory will have a beneficial effect on your hair, making it stronger with each use and restoring its natural shine. Such a brush has a very pleasant aroma.
  • Juniper tree. Such a product has bactericidal properties, can effectively fight annoying dandruff, fungal infections of your scalp, or heal existing wounds on your skin.

The best way to find the wood type that is perfect for you is to try each one on your own locks.

Choosing the Right Brush Type

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It is important to understand that choosing a brush is a painstaking task. Different types of hair require a special approach to choosing an accessory for combing them. Experts give several tips on how to choose the right wooden tool with the desired characteristics:

  • Do not buy products that have cracks, chips, notches, etc. They should be polished carefully to perfect smoothness.
  • Those individuals with curly hair should use combs with large and widely spaced teeth.
  • Long straight hair is convenient to comb with a regular brush with medium frequency teeth.
  • If you want to use a brush to massage your scalp, choose a model with wide wooden teeth and rounded ends.

Storage and Maintenance

Wooden brushes, unlike metal and plastic ones, do not like direct sunlight and exposure to heat because they quickly lose their useful properties. Store your tool in a closet or nightstand. Otherwise, it will overheat, dry out, and crack rather quickly.

It is not recommended to store wooden products in bathrooms, as there is a high level of humidity, and wood quickly absorbs water. However, wooden brushes, like any other, need to be cleaned regularly. Remove stuck hairs every day, and wash your accessory weekly in warm, soapy water. If you have oily hair, you need to be especially careful when cleaning your brush. After this procedure, be sure to wipe it dry with a towel.

Possible Cons

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Despite the benefits of using wooden brushes for any hair type, they have a number of disadvantages. Due to high humidity and improper care, such accessories can quickly become unusable. To avoid this, follow the general advice for caring for wood products and manufacturers’ recommendations.

Also, don’t forget about individual intolerance. If you have itching and rashes in the hair area, it may be a reaction to a wooden brush. Stop using it and seek professional help.

Remember that natural materials have a shorter lifespan than synthetic ones. Therefore, renew your wooden comb once every three to four months.

Wooden Brushes Are Good for Any Hair Type

The benefits of using wooden combs are undeniable. It is an excellent choice for those who really care about their locks and strive to make them not only beautiful but also healthy. Wood is a versatile material that does not cause allergies, is suitable for all hair types and good for men, women, and children. Almost every shape of a wooden brush can be found on the market today, from a regular flat comb to paddle brushes for scalp massage. Just follow the simple guidelines for choosing combs based on your hair type.

Don’t shy away from these accessories just because wood isn’t considered the most durable material. With proper use and care, this brush will last a long time.