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Are Robot Vacuum Cleaners Good for Small Apartments

by Susan Seymour

We live in a modern time in which most women are housewives, but also successful businesswomen. It is not always easy to reconcile all business and private obligations, family, children, keep the house clean, laundry ironed, lunch ready. Although many have the help of husbands, they are certainly looking for a way to make things easier for themselves as much as possible. Home appliances also help a lot. It used to be just the washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher, and today it’s a lot more appliances – a bread maker, various sickles for fast and slow cooking, vertical irons for laundry, but the invention on which women Especially appreciative is the robot vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming is one of those household chores that everyone avoids. It takes a long time, especially if you have a large apartment or house, and in order to do it properly, you have to move armchairs, sets, beds and get really tired and spend a lot of time.

The average person spends 87 percent of their life indoors. Regular dusting and vacuuming can improve the air we breathe.

Robot vacuum cleaners are a trend today. They automatically clean all types of floors, parquet, laminate, carpet, tiles, and stone. Although they have been on the market for almost a while, they have aroused the interest of people all over the world.

It is a computerized vacuum cleaner that is small in size and takes care of the cleanliness of your home. The round shape makes access to each surface easier. It collects dirt with brushes that direct the dirt towards a strong vacuum that sucks it into a small tank. Unlike an ordinary cleaner, it is driven by two large wheels, independently controlled by a separate electric motor. The wheels can rotate in opposite directions so it cleans almost any space it can enter.

The robot vacuum cleaner is ideal for all people who work a lot and do not have time to do household chores. The operation of these vacuum cleaners is based on a different principle. While the basic models generally do not have the option of navigation, ie vacuuming at random, more advanced models have a navigation system, ie they recognize space and its boundaries and clean all surfaces, even corners, in more detail. One of the features that distinguish the ROIDMI vacuum cleaner from the others is that it has laser navigation technology that does not allow any crumbs to miss.

Thanks to its appearance and small dimensions, it will easily crawl under the furniture and pick up dust. It has a very large suction power, so it buys everything in front of it. It has a very durable lithium-ion battery, thoroughly cleans all impurities, and you can connect to it via the remote control or application on the phone and thus assign tasks to it. Then when the battery is low, he retreats to his “house” to recharge.

One of those models that gained the trust of many housewives in a very short time is the Xiaomi ROIDMI Eve Plus self-emptying robot vacuum. What is especially important to emphasize when it comes to this model is that it is a self-emptying vacuum cleaner, which means that the sterilizing system removes disposal and leaves the surface clean and sterilized. In this way, it removes all parasites (dust mites), but also microbes such as Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, and Staphylococcus aureus. It will also remove toxic chemicals such as ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene, and TVOC, as well as the smell of cigarettes and perfumes. And the progress is displayed in real-time on the LED screen of the station.

Try to imagine the following situation – you just unpacked the whole apartment because you are expecting friends for dinner, and then your child spilled a bowl of milk and flakes. The good news is that, in addition to a suction power of 2,700pa, these vacuum cleaners also have a mop function and a smart water tank of 250ml. All this makes it ideal for both large and small apartments because it does not take up much space.

We mentioned that robot vacuum cleaners are suitable for small apartments. Of course, small apartments also mean little storage space. Since it has its own case of modern design, it will easily fit into any interior, and given its smaller dimensions, you will be able to easily place it behind the couch or in some other place where it will not be visible.

When it comes to charging, this vacuum cleaner charges for several hours, and the battery will be able to last for the next two or three days. If the battery is discharged during operation, the vacuum cleaner will recognize this and return it to the charger. You will find out more if you visit https://www.roidmi.com/en/p/eveplus.html.

Unlike most electronic devices, this one is incredibly easy to use. Just press the button to activate the device. If your home is as tidy as possible, without too much clutter on the floors, and there is enough room to maneuver around your chairs and sofa, it is easy to get in everywhere, without your help. If you live in a house on the floor, it is small and easy to carry so that you can easily take it upstairs. You are free to let it vacuum on its own, without fear of it crashing down the stairs.

Thanks to the advanced technology they possess, robot vacuum cleaners represent a real revolution in planning the cleaning of your home. So, you can solve everything in advance by programming at what time you want your smart vacuum cleaner to vacuum your apartment.

Many vacuum cleaners are controlled via wi-fi and a smartphone app. With the application, we turn the device on and off or make a schedule when the device will be used. Some have a “charge and continue” option. In any case, your house will be immaculately clean, and you will have more free time for your family. Who else needs a housekeeper?