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Robert De Niro Calls Donald Trump a “Lunatic”

by Sinisav

SKY NEWS – 05/13/2020: As you probably know, Robert De Niro is not a fan of President Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, he’s one of Trump’s most prominent critics, not only in Hollywood but generally. Talking about the situation in the White House, Godfather actor described it as “Shakespearean”.

Furthermore, De Niro said that POTUS doesn’t care about the number of coronavirus casualties and that he’s a straight-out lunatic. Hollywood superstar told Newsnight that situation is: “Shakespearean, the whole thing, you’ve got a lunatic people are trying to dance around”.

Robert De Niro

Source: theguardian.com

Taxi driver actor added: “They’re doing it in the [Senate] hearings a little more, trying to say tactfully that this is what will happen, Fauci is doing that… it’s appalling. [Trump] wants to be re-elected. He doesn’t care how many people die.”

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De Niro is not the only person criticizing Donald Trump, but not many people would call him a lunatic. The director and actor just lashed out, and with a good reason. The United States of America is the country hit hardest by coronavirus in the world. At the moment, we have more than 1.3 million infected and almost 85,000 deaths. Johns Hopkins University publishes these statistics, and they follow the numbers from the start of the pandemic.

The two-time Oscar-winning actor also took a dig at Trump supporters warning them that POTUS doesn’t care for them: “He doesn’t care for those people, and the people he pretends to care about are the people he has the most disdain for.”

Unlike for Trump, De Niro has only words of praise for New York governor Andrew Cuomo: “He has done a great job… he’s done what Trump should have done, but he doesn’t have a clue how to do that”.

Source: news.sky.com