Home Equipment Riveter Tools: The Most Promising Tool For Businesses In Various Industries – 2024 Guide

Riveter Tools: The Most Promising Tool For Businesses In Various Industries – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Riveters are increasingly becoming a staple to numerous businesses, especially in the manufacturing and repair industry. The primary factors that lead to this enormous popularity of riveters are cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and reliable and secured connection. You can look around in the local market or based on your purpose of use visit here to find the riveter tools that meet your needs.

In recent times, this magic tool has breached industries like constructions, various workshops, field repairs, in the form of their cordless variants. According to the industry experts, you can see a growth of 4.5% in the demand for these tools by 2025 with the cordless variants outpacing the pneumonic ones.

What makes cordless riveters popular in construction, both commercial and residential, are the properties like, high-power and easy handling. Their affordability, quick charging, and wireless operations draw the attention of manufacturing and automobile businesses. Here we provide an overview of rivet guns/tools, covering the most queries about them.

Why is it a dynamic tool for diverse applications?

As mentioned earlier, rivet guns provide power and versatility that propels several industries to add this amazing tool to their equipment stack. Following are some prominent reasons for its inclusion in diverse applications.

  • Great portability

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With the advent of battery-powered riveters, you can now get self-contained tools that can be used everywhere without the need for any power cords and hoses. This extends their usability multiple times. You can use them on construction sites, repair shops, and even in the factories where aircraft are manufactured.

  • Easy operation

The ergonomic design of the hand-held rivet tools makes them your best pal when you are working in tight places. Owing to its lightweight and high power, you can use these tools throughout the day non-stop, provided you have some extra batteries in store.

  • Incredible versatility

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Rivet tools ensure that you get the right amount of power and torque that you need for your job. They can be used with a wide array of lock bolts and rivets. You can use them for solid rivets, split rivets, drive rivets, and tubular rivets, huck bolts, etc. One gun can accomplish multiple tasks by simply changing the nosepiece.

Things to know about the batteries of cordless tools

As most businesses use cordless riveters that are battery-powered, a word about the batteries is also important. You can make a more informed and pragmatic decision with a little knowledge of the characteristics of the batteries.

  • Lithium-ion batteries

These batteries are the most appreciated choice to team with rivet guns. They come in small packages and can deliver greater power and a much longer operation time. They can be charged very quickly which makes them suitable for applications that call for continual usage.

  • NiCad batteries

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NiCad or nickel-cadmium batteries are traditional options that were used in cordless tools. You can also find them in the present times being implemented with consumer-grade products. These are light in weight which makes the tools lighter and easy to use. You can easily charge them multiple times and rest assured about their reliability and durability.

  • Power factor

In addition to the type and weight of the battery, the power these batteries can provide is also an important consideration while choosing the right one for your rivet tool. Some standard configurations for battery power are 12-,14-,16-,18-, and 20- volt. The higher the power you choose, the greater the torque you get.

Factors to consider while buying cordless riveter tools

Both portable and pneumonic rivet guns can do the same job with equal efficiency. However, portable ones are preferred over their counterparts owing to their portability, size, cost. While the decision between a pneumonic and a portable gun is easy, you still have to consider the following factors while choosing the battery-powered tool.

  • Power specification

As mentioned earlier, different types of batteries are available to work with portable riveters. You should choose the one that delivers adequate power based on your application. If you choose a high-power battery, it will deliver more torque. However, it will also drain quickly and you will have to recharge or replace the batteries more frequently.

  • Weight

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Riveters are handheld devices that you hold for longer periods. In such usage, the weight of the device can make a huge difference in its operability. Even a few ounces can make it more difficult to continue working for long hours. For that reason, you should choose a gun that is lighter and yet delivers the required power. Do not forget to check the weight details including and excluding batteries.

  • Pull stroke

Pull stroke is the distance the mandrel is pulled by the device to set the rivet. This mechanism works every time you set a different type of rivet. The usual range of pull strokes in cordless tools is around 20 – 21mm. You can also find devices with adjustable strokes to facilitate multiple rivets.

  • Traction power

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In addition to the pull, you also need some degree of force to set different types of rivets. This force is termed the traction power of the rivet gun. Conventionally, traction power is measured in newtons (N) and the normal range is between 8500 and 24000 N.

Some popular types of riveter guns

As commonly known, all rivet guns are made different. However, they have clear distinctions and can be identified easily. Here are major types of rivet guns available in the market.

  • Hand rivet gun

To use this rivet gun you need to choose the right sized nosepiece and use it with a simple technique of lever and squeeze. This tool is ideal for occasional usage. It can be difficult to use and cause pain in the wrist and forearm due to the pressure you need to apply while squeezing.

  • Lever riveter

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These tools take the riveter game up by a notch. They come with multiple nose pieces that make them more dynamic and versatile. Long arms reduce the amount of force you need to apply and make them suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Cordless riveter tool

These are the most popular ones that come in a variant that allows you to install a rivet with a single button push. They are powered by batteries and are not limited by any cord. This increases mobility and makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.