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Rihanna Hates Jennifer Lopez Because of Drake! She Can’t Forgive the Betrayal?!

by Tracy Finke

R’n’B star Rihanna, 31, can’t stand Jennifer Lopez, 50, because she was in a relationship with her boyfriend, rapper Drake, 33.

It happened three years ago, but the young singer can’t yet forgive her older colleague for the betrayal. The media reported that the R’n’B star recently gossiped about Lopez, saying she can’t even look at her and would never speak to her. She is convinced, according to a source, that Jennifer intentionally had an affair with Drake after Rihanna broke up with him just to make her feel bad.

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Hard breakup

“RiRi’s really angry with Drake. It feels like he’s flaunting his relationship with J.Lo, knowing it would hurt Rihanna. Everything he’s done since their split has been cold-hearted. They’ve always had an up and down relationship, but Rihanna really thought he would still at least be considerate of her feelings. Drake said such sweet things to her, but now Rihanna feels like they were all lies”, an unnamed source said at the time.

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The R’n’B star and the rapper were briefly together. They started dating in the first half of 2016, and they broke up by the end of the summer. Most likely, they were not for each other, but Rihanna had a hard time getting over this break even though she had been told the media that their romance was not serious.

Towards the end of the same year, rumors began that Drake was in a relationship with Jennifer, which she triggered by posting a joint photo of them in a very intimate embrace. This also received a great deal of public condemnation, primarily because there was a significant age difference between the two, so Lopez began to justify herself and to deny her relationship with her younger colleague.


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“We just hang out. It started all when he sent me a song in which he wanted us to sing together. I liked the song and we sang it. That is all. I don’t date younger men. These rumors follow me about my relationship with Casper Smart. He is the first man who was younger than me, but no matter what, they immediately glued to me the label”, said Jennifer, who has been in a happy relationship with Alex Rodriguez for a long time.

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