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Artist Is Getting Death Threats After Rihanna Used Her Song At Fenty X Show

by Mary McFarren

Rihanna’s sexy lingerie brand, Savage x Fenty, is being sued by the unknown artist for $10 million.
The whole mess-up was started by Fenty representatives when they used the wrong version of the artist’s song titled “Doom” for the fashion show held last year. To make things clearer – there are two different editions of the song available. One has chants of Islamic sacred proverbs in it, while the other has not. By mistake, Fenty reps used the first one.

Millions that watched the show probably weren’t even paying so much attention to the music or the lyrics among all those lacy undergarments. However, the Islamic community was outraged at the blasphemy blaming the artist who allowed her music to be played at such a scandalous show displaying half-naked women.

Since then, the musician who wants to stay anonymous and goes by the name of Jane Doe has received numerous death threats. She remains in hiding, changing places and concealing her identity after the show ended. Jane Doe is communicating with the public and the court only via her attorney.


Legal documents claim that the artist specifically told Rihanna’s representatives which version can be used, but they went along with the other one anyways. This caused her great mental distress, anxiety, and depression that forced her to go into hiding from fear of retaliation by Islamic extremists.


After the uproar from the Islamic community, the artist apologized claiming that she did not know that the song will be played in that version. Rihanna also issued a public apology to everyone who found themselves insulted by the lyrics.
The troublesome song was immediately taken off of the recording of the Fenty show. However, this didn’t do much good. You can’t unring the bell. The artist decided to seek damages from the Fenty brand and Rihanna personally for the irreparable damage they caused to her reputation. So far, the case is still pending in court, and the now-infamous singer stays in a hideout.

Source: Instagram

Last year, Rihanna and her Fenty brand were also in the hot water over copyrights. This time, the Umbrella singer was sued by King Khan and Saba Lou, a father-daughter musical duo, for using their song “Good Habits” in Fenty promotional video that had over 3 million views. The claim was that Rihanna’s reps were streaming the song without permission, thus violating the artists’ rights. Once again, the brand was sued for an undisclosed amount of damages, and the case is yet to be resolved.