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How Revision Rhinoplasty Can Be Beneficial For You

by Ingeborg

Most people have heard of rhinoplasty before. If you know anyone who has discussed getting a “nose job,” then odds are strong that you’ve heard the term “rhinoplasty” within the same conversation. You may not be as familiar with revision rhinoplasty specifically, though.

Revision rhinoplasty, in a nutshell, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a form of rhinoplasty that’s corrective in nature. It’s a nasal surgery approach that can be suitable for people who have had nose jobs in the past. If you want to fix the operations or form of your nose, then you may be a suitable fit for revision rhinoplasty and all of its possibilities. The advantages of getting assistance from a rhinoplasty revision specialist are often copious.

Strong Reasons to Go for a Revision Rhinoplasty


Revision rhinoplasty is associated with a broad range of advantages. If you’re considering getting this kind of nose surgery for any reason, you should first learn about all of the positive things it may be able to do for your day-to-day existence. The more you know about revision rhinoplasty, the more qualified you’ll be to make a rock-solid choice.

Fixing Errors Leftover From The First Surgery


Revision rhinoplasty can enhance your physical appearance considerably. If you recruit the assistance of a plastic surgeon who is qualified, then you can revel in a nose that is aligned in a way that makes sense. You can revel in an enhanced physical appearance that can make heads turn, too. Don’t forget that looking a lot better can in many cases translate to higher self-confidence levels. If you want to give your self-esteem a significant boost, then revision rhinoplasty may be the finest choice for you. It can be stressful to question your physical appearance due to earlier rhinoplasty issues.

Improving the Functionality of your Nose after the Initial Surgery


Revision rhinoplasty isn’t just helpful for aesthetic applications. That’s because in many cases it can make the nose function a lot more effectively. If you want to be able to breathe without issues, then this type of plastic surgery may be a game-changer. Revision rhinoplasty can help oxygen travel to the right areas of the body. It can help manage things such as carbon dioxide.

Since revision rhinoplasty can boost the functionality of the nose, it at the same time can often do wonders for people who want to enhance sleep hygiene. If you want to be able to rest peacefully at night without any disturbances at all, it may be a big help. It can pave the way for nasal passages that are open in the correct manner. That’s how it can sometimes keep frustrating snoring habits at bay. If you want to protect yourself from sleep apnea further on down the line, then revision rhinoplasty may be able to help you.

A Relatively Simple Recovery Process Involved


Healing after revision rhinoplasty isn’t too different from bouncing back after anything else. It’s reminiscent of healing after “ordinary” nose jobs. You may experience a degree of swelling and bruising off the bat. It isn’t unusual for patients to pick up on improvements in how their noses appear and function relatively rapidly. Note, though, that patients generally have to wait numerous months to receive the outcomes in full.

It doesn’t take people long to get back to their standard daily routines post-revision rhinoplasty. If you take care of yourself after this surgery, then you should be able to continue with your job for a maximum of two weeks total. This always depends on your circumstances, however. Only your doctor can tell you when specifically you can return safely and comfortably.

Poses a Lower Risk of Ugly Scars Forming

People who get revision rhinoplasty often do not have to worry about the possibility of scarring that’s unsightly and noticeable. If you opt for revision rhinoplasty that’s part of the “closed” category, then you can rest easy. The open version of revision rhinoplasty involves incisions that are right under the nose. These scars usually:

  • look like faint lines, pretty subtle
  • aren’t noticeable at first glance
  • hidden within the nasal creases
  • go away gradually

How To Keep Your Revision Surgery Safe

Revision rhinoplasty is generally thought to be a pretty safe procedure. It’s like any other kind of rhinoplasty in that sense. If you want to boost your odds of safety, then you should search high and low for plastic surgeons who have a lot of experience and training. You should steer clear of cosmetic surgeons who do not seem to have strong track records. You can assess doctor ratings and reviews on the Internet.

It can also help to set up in-depth consultations with any plastic surgeons who are on your consideration list. Don’t work with a plastic surgeon who doesn’t make you feel 100 percent comfortable. Work with one who is more than willing to answer all of your questions. Work with one who gives you answers that make sense. You should never be okay with a plastic surgeon who doesn’t seem to be up to par.

It’s not usually hard to figure out whether revision rhinoplasty may be up your alley. If you’re not content with the way your nose works or looks to the rest of the world, then it may be a treatment that you want to consider getting soon.

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Just because the initial nose surgery went bad doesn’t mean those erroneous results are there forever. Trusting a board-certified expert in your revision surgery is not only ideal but a guaranteed way of knowing you’re in good and experienced hands.

Daniel G. Becker is an expert in the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery field, specializing in rhinoplasty and secondary nose surgery. He runs the Becker Rhinoplasty Center, located in Central & South Jersey, where he’s performed numerous successful revision nose surgeries, helping patients in not only the functional but the aesthetic part as well.

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