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Reasons Why You Need a Whole House Filter in your Home

by William Gist

Water is a crucial lifeline of human survival. Almost every human being on earth today acknowledges the fact that the water we get in our supply lines and the water in our freshwater sources has been contaminated and is unfit for human intake.

As a result, most people today newly on either bottled water or small water purification systems that cleanse the water supply and give out softened and clean drinking water. Interestingly, many people are unaware of the fact that the quality of water is also important if you are using water for external uses such as bathing or cleaning. It is impractical to rely on smaller water filters or bottled water for other domestic uses and therefore having a whole house water filtration system can be a blessing in disguise.

Safe Drinking Water


The primary reason for having any kind of water purification system is to have access to clean and safe drinking water, and the same applies to whole house water filters. The kind of water that we get in our regular water supply lines is full of hard minerals or excess salt levels or both and is not fit for human intake. Although bottled water has been used as an alternative for a long time, relying on bottled water to get clean drinking water would on mean adding more plastic to the landfills, thereby increasing the carbon footprint.

Better Hair and Skin


Many other smaller water filtration systems can be easily installed and can give you a supply of clean water for drinking and cooking. However, many people ignore the fact that hard water is also hazardous to your body even if you are using it externally. Have you noticed your skin losing its shine and getting drier, increased acne breakouts, scalp issues with dandruff, and dry and lifeless hair? Although these conditions can also be triggered by using unsuitable products or underlying medical conditions, if you have gotten all necessary tests and treatments and have tried all kinds of shampoos and conditioners, there is a good chance that the culprit is hard water coming out of your shower.

When your skin and hair come in contact with hard water regularly. A whole house water filter will give you a running supply of filtered and thinned water in your shower and you will notice a visible difference in your skin and hair conditions.

Better Life of Garments


Have you noticed that even the most expensive of your clothes lose its original shine and often even start tearing, despite being purchased from good quality stores? This is what hard water does to the fabric when you use this water for laundry. No brand of washing products will save your fabric if the culprit is hard water.

Scaling in Appliance


Kitchen appliances do need their cleaning and maintenance and you are ought to use tap water for that purpose. However, despite regular maintenance, you always end up with some levels of scale build up in your appliances. This again happens when the metal parts of the appliances come in contact with hard water. Using thinned water will increase the life of the appliance and will minimize scaling problems.

Along with these, there are many other benefits of having a good filter for your house. This website has mentioned some of the great whole house filters you can consider if you are looking for one.