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Re-roofing or Roof Replacement – Which One Do You Need

by William Gist

The first thing that we notice about a house is the roof. The outlook of a house is complemented by the roof’s quality. Maintaining the quality of your roof is vital as it affects the safety of your home. While the need for a change in the roof arises, it is necessary to decide between re-roofing and roof replacement.

Arguably, the roof is one of the most valuable aspects of your home. Not only does it complete the outlook of your house, but also guarantees the biggest return of the investments. However, this happens only if you do a good job in assessing and altering the state of your roof.

There are several factors to keep in mind while choosing between re-roofing and roof replacement. The number of years the roof had been in use is one of the main factors. If your roof is old and shows signs of damages, it is better to renew your roof entirely rather than paying extra money for re-roofing every time.

The extent of damages will give you a clear decision of the method to choose. For minor damages, re-roofing proves to be the best option as it saves money that way and major damages require roof replacement.

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While choosing between re-roofing and roof replacement, the cost is the biggest consideration for people. Re-roofing costs a lot less but over the years, the repairs may add up to a large sum. Roof replacement requires a lot of money upfront, but the need for repair is very small. The size of your house also plays a major role in determining the total amount for a new roof.

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According to real estate agents, roof restorations can easily quicken resale. Moreover, the modifications can get you a profit more than you anticipate. Therefore, if you notice that your roof needs maintenance, don’t ignore it. The more you postpone it, the more critical the damage gets and the cost of repairing reaches a whole new level.

The real confusion begins when you try to choose a method for restoring your roof – re-roofing or roof replacement. Let’s go over both of these methods to get a clearer idea.



1. Extra Protection

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Putting an extra layer of the roof to your already existing roof can increase the overall strength. In case of storms, the need for protecting the roof goes without saying. With re-roofing, you can push back your worries of the roof being destroyed in the face of disasters. The extra layer of protection gives enough strength for the roof to remain as it is. Re-roofing pushes any chances of damages due to natural disasters away.

2. Saves Time and Effort

One of the main reasons why people prefer re-roofing is that it saves time and effort. The entire process of re-roofing consists of placing an extra layer onto the old roof. This does not require a long period of work. Regardless of the damages to the old roof, it acts as a base for the new layer and reduces the effort. It also cuts down the number of steps.

3. Cost-friendly

The thought of remodelling or renovating your roof is accompanied by the dreading topic- cost. Compared to roof replacement that involves a lot of time and work, the whole process of re-roofing is wrapped up with a few steps. This means that the cost of re-roofing is much less than that of roof replacement and your roof gets a brand new look at a very low cost.


1. Short-term

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If there are serious damages on your roof and you choose to re-roof, it can be quite dangerous. Since the work involves adding an extra layer, there is no room for a thorough inspection of the old roof. If damages like decaying timbers or broken frameworks exist, it can cause serious accidents in the future. Therefore, re-roofing is just a temporary solution to your roof problem, much like a band-aid.

2. Limited Number of Layers

When you feel like your second layer of the roof needs repairing and decides to add a third layer, it can get you in trouble. According to the building codes, a house cannot have more than two layers of roof. Having an extra layer might seem like a better option, but it clearly isn’t. The third layer can damage the whole structure of your roof as more weight is pressed down from the top. Moreover, extra heat gets trapped by the extra layer. So, adding another set of the roof over the two previous ones can get quite risky.

Roof Replacement


1. Safety

The thought of living under an unstable roof can affect our peace. Discarding your damaged roof and using a new one instead, guarantees safety to a large extent. If the extent of damage on your roof is extreme, instead of covering it up with another layer, it is always preferable to opt for a new roof. With your roof replaced, you don’t have to worry about leaks and unstable roof frames.

2. Higher Resale Value

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While buying houses, people tend to look for the newer roof. They need to be convinced about the quality of the house before they finalize their decision. And a new roof can definitely help them in that department. Roof replacement may seem like an expensive investment, but it is worth every penny. A house with a new roof has more demand among buyers and would get you a lot more profit.

3. Stable Warranty

Since you invest a lot in restoring the roof of your house, it is normal that you tend to worry about its durability. Most of the companies provide maintenance plans in their contract. According to the maintenance plan, the company has to check the new roof regularly and take care of minor repairs without additional charge. Make sure to choose companies that provide a warranty for your new roof.


1. More Expensive

Roof replacement is a complicated process that requires more effort and a lot of planning. Since the new roof is planned and made from scratch, the materials involved in it would cost a lot more than the original amount paid for the older roof as explained by experts from texasselectconstruction.com. As a result, the expenses can get overwhelming. If you are not able to handle such high costs, it is better to move on to less costly methods.


Re-roofing and roof replacement are both effective methods that depend mainly on the condition of your roof. Make sure to take factors like cost and extent of damage before jumping to a conclusion. Choose a method that would benefit your roof and conditions.