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Priyanka Chopra’s Weight Loss Program

by Elsa Stringer

Priyanka Chopra is some sort of a global phenomenon. It doesn’t matter where she is, she impresses all of the people who witnessed her acting skills. Furthermore, everyone is impressed with her beautiful and stunning hourglass figure. She is great both in terms of her acting skills and her body. You can see that she is giving her best in all aspects of her life.

Her fans were extremely pleased to see her train for her role in “Mary Kom”. She worked out so hard that she ultimately started doing her own stunts in the movie. People were impressed both with the look of her body and her acting skills.


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You’ll be happy to know that she recently gave an interview where she presented the public with her day-to-day diet plan. From our experience, this looks pretty good, and people should take a look at it. Now we are going to present you with all the steps of her diet plan.

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Big Diet Mantra


Generally speaking, nutritious-rich dishes consumption is a large step to getting healthier, and thinner, of course. She is known to be a healthy food lover. She loves eating so much that she can’t help herself sometimes. She stated several times that her life is revolving around food, instead of completely avoiding it. She is not shy when it comes to talking about her weight problems. However, she found a way to burn these extra kilograms in order to be ready for summer.



She stated several times that she isn’t a morning person. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want her day to start with some healthy dishes. Before a workout, she drinks a cup of coffee. Mostly, she has avocado toasts and omelets for breakfast. If she chooses to eat some traditional Indian food, she prioritizes with dosa, poha, or idli. When she is visiting her native India, she loves to eat parathas.



As you may know, she is a desi girl. She shared with her fans that she loves to enjoy desi food for lunch when she is in India. One of the dishes she likes the most is ragi notis. This dish is both tasty and healthy. When she is in vegan mode, she likes to eat aloo gobi, bhindi, dal, etc. When it comes to the additional dishes, she considers pickles, curd, and a wide array of salads very important. Furthermore, she consumes fresh salads, vegetables, and roast fish.



Like her fellow actress Kareena Kapoor Kahn, she enjoys eating foxnuts when it comes to snacks. When she is in a situation, she wants to eat chaat.



She loves to eat some more dense calories meals in the first part of the day. When it comes to dinner, she settles for just a basic soup, or she eats leftovers from her lunch or even breakfast.

Workout Secrets


The key element of her diet plan is to have a workout to burn all of these extra calories. She said that frequent training grew on her when she was preparing for her role in “Mary Kom”. Now, she trains every day in order to maintain her lovely figure.