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Prince Philip’s Funeral: Will It Bring Peace To The Family

by Nebojša Vujinović

Ever since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they were leaving the Royal family, or what they call it ‘the Firm’, many thought that would be their last connection to the family. Yet in the recent interview with Oprah, the couple made some serious accusations calling the Royal family racists.

People and the news were eager to find out who was the one to say it, and some were even accusing the late Prince. The couple remained silent on the issue, and we are sure the secret will be kept, but that made even greater space than it was created before.

With the death of Prince Phillip, many are hoping the gap between the family and the Sussexes will decrease, but is that even possible?

source: cdn.cnn.com/

Harry confirmed that he will fly from the U.S. to his grandfather’s funeral, but he will be coming alone. It was said that doctors advised Meghan to stay in the U.S., as she is late in her pregnancy and it would be risky for her to fly that long. Also, the issue that was created might bring the stress level up high, which would also be bad for her.

Unfortunately, the Queen and the family will not see Archie either. As it was stated, the young Archie will remain with his mother in California. This must have devastated the already grieving Queen, and the rest of the Royal family, as they haven’t seen Archie ever since he was a baby.

The members of the Royal family will walk behind the coffin all together, and only thirty people will be allowed at the service, due to pandemic. This small ceremony will be the opportunity for the members to talk through the issues and hopefully it will all have a positive outcome.

Ex-PM Sir John Major in the interview he made for BBC said he hopes it will be possible for the family to ‘mend the rift’ as they are bonded with grief over the passing of the Prince.


Even though many are hoping they will come in peace with one another during the ceremony and grieving period, the general public had something to say. As many people went to lay flowers in front of Windsor Castle, some went online to share some thoughts and comments about Meghan’s absence from the funeral.

There were many of those who are still having some hard feelings for Meghan ever since the interview with Oprah aired. They think she is just afraid and ashamed to come so she is using her pregnancy as an excuse.

There are also those who came in defense of the Duchess.

The funeral of the late Prince Philip will take place on Saturday 17 April 2024 at 3pm in St George’s Chapel, Windsor. Hopefully, things will calm down by that time.