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Prince Harris Talks Disney’s CEO Bob Iger About Hiring Meghan

by Elsa Stringer

Looks like Meghan Markle will become a voice actor. Recently, a video where Prince Harris talks with Disney’s CEO Bob Iger about hiring Meghan Markle for a role in one of their cartoons. In this video, Prince Harris allegedly tries to convince Disney’s CEO about hiring his wife.

Daily Mail writes that Harris managed to talk with Iger about hiring Markle last year on the premiere of “Lion King”. He stated that she is interested in lending a voice to a cartoon character.


Video shows Harry asked him if he knows she can lend a voice. Iger said that he didn’t know. Harris’ response is that he looks surprised. Furthermore, he said that she is really interested in doing something like this. Bob responded that he would love to try it.

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Times wrote that Meghan Markle signed a contract with Disney. She will appear in one of their cartoons and they will donate her salary to “Elephants Without Border”, a charity that protects from illegal hunting of these animals.


Just to remind you, Meghan Markle and Prince Harris decide to step down from their royal duties in order to become financially independent.