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10 Popular Wigcare Practices That Are Totally Overrated – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Taking care of your hair is not simple, but if you need to take care of your wig, there are some additional things you need to be careful of. The first thing you need to be aware of is that even human hair wigs require special treatment, so they can last longer. Synthetic hair ones also need special care, so you can keep them smooth and shiny for a longer time. No matter what type you have, you shouldn’t fall for overrated practices and Internet trends. Some of them might be good, but there are also damaging practices that are still popular around. Usually, every online wig store provides tips and tricks on how to take care of your lace front wig or vacuum type of hair extension, and you can also find proper products to use on them. As you can see on heyhair7, you have a lot of choices available, and everything is fine, as long as you don’t practice some of these overrated trends:

1. Brushing it with a natural brush

img source: naturalbathbody.com

What’s a natural hairbrush? It’s made of organic and natural hairs, and the ads say they help to detangle the wig, and keeping it shiny and smooth. But, the truth is there are special combs that are used for wigs. Brushes are not recommended, since it’s pretty easy to tear the hairs apart from the front lace. There is a way on taking care of them that includes proper washing and using a comb, and natural brushes won’t do a miracle or let you skip the washing and conditioning.

2. Using organic products

What’s even organic in this case for? We all know about the practices in agricultural activities, but what’s organic when it comes to cosmetics? Surely you don’t put freshly pressed oil on the wig, or mix of fruits and vegetables. So, organic is a marketing label that is used to attract customers, and that was proven so many times in the past. Use only approved products to take care of your wig.

3. Using fabric softener

img source: marthastewart.com

You will see this trend on Instagram or TikTok, but don’t take it for granted. Wigs aren’t textile, and they need appropriate conditioning to stay moisturized and smooth. A fabric softener will eventually help with that, but fragrances and active ingredients may cause damage to the hairs, and it won’t be able to bring it back in the previous condition.

4. Too expensive shampoos

Just because something is expensive, it doesn’t mean it’s good. No matter if it’s available in the wig store online, or you are buying from a drugstore, you need to pay more attention to the ingredients, than to the price. As it’s the case with usual shampoos, expensive doesn’t mean high-quality.

5. Silky base cap

img source: position.rs

They say silk is the best for everything. But, in this case, we will say that a lace front wig is a much better choice because it stays in its place all the time. Silky caps require special care, and they may move during the day, making your hair look messy. Silk and silky satin are good for pillows, bedsheets, and pajamas. Just stick to the proven choices so you can be sure everything is perfect while wearing it.

6. It should be all-natural

Natural human hair wigs are good, but not for everyone. It’s on your hairstylist or seller to make a suggestion which one is better for you. They may ask a few questions in advance, so they can recommend the right choice for you. As we said, just because something is natural, it doesn’t mean it’s good for all of us.

7. You need to drown it in hot water

img source: hairvivi.com

Hot water is the worst enemy for our bodies. It’s only good for the white clothes, towels, and other fabrics that can handle it.

Hairdressers don’t even recommend washing the hair with too hot water. Use warm water when washing the wig, as recommended by the manufacturer or provider. Washing it regularly means you don’t allow the dirt to build upon the cap and hairs, but do it properly, so your wig can last longer.

8. Using styling products a lot

Usual hairsprays, oils, and mists, can lead to buildup and damage. There are special products that you can use to style your wig, but on the other hand, it’s already made to be stylish, and you don’t really have to do it all over again. Additionally, if you really need to use these products, choose the ones that are appropriate for wigs, so you can easily wash them off the wig, and have it nice and smooth again.

9. Cutting it by yourself

img source: hellomagazine.com

This is a big no-no, especially if you are not a hairstylist by yourself. It may seem naive to just cut off a little from the wig while it’s put on the stand, but don’t do that. You may end up damaging it completely. It’s always better to do that together with your hairdresser, while you wear it.

10. Popular Internet trends

We don’t recommend using these trends on your natural healthy hair, so don’t even think about applying them on the wigs. In the past, fresh masks made of bananas, mayonnaise, eggs, turmeric, and other fridge ingredients were popular, but luckily, it’s now far away from us. So, don’t put olive oil on your wig before combing, don’t even think about using turmeric if it’s blonde, and don’t wash it with mineral water. There isn’t any reasonable reason to do that.


Not every trend we can find on the Internet is appropriate for our wigs and hair extensions. They require additional and special care, but only with approved products for that purpose. If you think yours is damaged, then it’s probably time for professional maintenance, or even replacing it with a new one. Be responsible with it, so it can last longer, especially if you need to wear it all the time. Be careful, and you will only need a little maintenance, so no one can see that you actually wear a wig.