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5 Differences Between Human Hair & Synthetic Hair – 2024 Comparison Guide

by William Gist

Hair is very important to women – and many times it is their trademark and affects their self-confidence. With hair extensions, any woman can become seductive with long locks in just a few hours. Hair extensions have become a fashion trend – accepted by more and more satisfied users.

Hairdressers work hard to provide a hair extension service – and hairpin providers provide extensions for all hair types. But when it comes to choice in 2024- many women find themselves confused. What to choose? Natural hair or synthetic materials? Hopefully, our Human&Syntetic hair comparison guide will help you decide.

Hairstyle: Wigs And Other Extension Accessories


Hair-clips, straps, knots…What are all those things and what is their purpose? Today, we have various hairstyles, techniques, and names for different types of hair extensions or wigs. Sometimes, it can even be confusing – especially if you didn’t have previous experience with artificial hair, wigs, and extensions.

Every woman has her reasons why she is using them. Some women just want a change and some women use them during their cancer treatment. Therefore, wigs and extensions have a significant role in the life of many women around the world. What we can see at first glance is that these extensions have several different styles. Such extensions are often used for important events such as celebrations, birthday celebrations, New Year’s Eve, weddings, etc.

Natural Or Synthetic?


Before we move on to the methods – you should know that there are synthetic and natural hair extensions. OK, you’ve probably heard about it, but what’s the key difference in those? As the name suggests, natural is made from the real hair donor.

This type of hair stays shiny and smooth for a long time – and it is durable, lasting for more than a year without damage. As for the synthetic ones, their quality varies. However, in any case, it is quite different from natural hair – so it does not always fit perfectly with your hair. Its duration is usually up to several months.

Although they can be durable as well, they are susceptible to external influences – but also much cheaper. Both natural and synthetic hair extensions come in a number of colors, with the proviso that you can dye natural hair – but not the synthetic one.

Hair Extension Techniques


Hair extensions need to provide a natural hairstyle. Every extension user wants to see how they don’t use them. Therefore, different extensions and different hair extension techniques are available to us. Which type of hair extension we choose depends on our preferences and the characteristics of our natural hair.

We have to be careful about which extensions we buy and where. Many online stores provide you with high-quality hair extensions at affordable prices and fast delivery times. With these extensions, you will shine at every opportunity. You will look natural and perfect!

Materials For The Artificial Wigs And Extensions


We know hair extensions are made of natural hair or synthetic materials. Although natural hair extensions are processed – they are made from real human hair. Synthetic extensions are made of plastic – but their appearance is completely natural. Of course, the price of natural hair extensions is much higher than the price of synthetic materials.

The difference between these types of extensions is in the way they can be handled – because hair extensions made of synthetic materials cannot be dyed, and can only be shaped (straightened and twisted) under special conditions.

What To Choose Then?

Synthetics, like natural hair, are used to make wigs, inserts, and even hair extensions. However, professional hairdressers generally don’t recommend hair extensions made of synthetics – because its maintenance is far more difficult for those who use it. The mix of natural hair and synthetics, depending on the manufacturer, is usually 70% / 30% in favor of natural hair – although the braver ones also sell a blend with a ratio of 50% / 50%.

Main Differences Between Human Hair & Synthetic Hair

1. Natural Look


Depending on the wig or extension and the material from which it was made – its appearance also depends. In general, these wigs are made of natural hair are considered better and of better quality – and they also give you a completely natural look. According to Sunber Hair, you can also find top quality ones that will give your hair a natural look as well.

On the other hand, synthetics are far more affordable. Let’s be honest… Not all of us can afford a natural hair extension – but that’s why you should look at the offer. At better and reputable manufacturers and distributors you can find synthetic wigs with a very natural look – and at a more affordable price.

2. Differences In Hair Coloring


The big disadvantage of synthetic hair is that it cannot be changed in color – and changing the shape of such hair is practically impossible. Therefore be careful, especially if you wear a mixed type of extension. In such a case, it can happen that when you dye your mixed hair, half of your hair takes on color – and a half does not.

3. You Can Style Natural Hair Extension Much Easier

Of course, when the extension is made of natural hair – it will support all the features as well as our real hair. This means that you can twist it, treat it with a press – and treat it just like your real hair. With synthetics, it’s a little different – and they require a little more complicated maintenance.

4. Hair Maintenance


We will agree that if you decide to buy a hair extension – at the same time you will have an additional obligation to maintain it. This does not mean that it should be washed with distilled water or, as some suggest – sleeping with a net on your head. Good and quality hair behaves the same way as yours – and absolutely nothing should leave you confused or surprised.

5. Price


When we talk about this item, it is quite clear that we will give preference to synthetic extensions that are far cheaper. However, what is important to note is that you need to follow the websites through which sales are made – because it often happens that both natural and synthetic hair is sometimes at a discount, and these discounts are not negligible.