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7 Popular Graphic Design Trends – 2024 Guide

by Dangula Bingula

The need to be present online has become imperative in the last few years because if you don’t have a good website, it is like you don’t exist. The Internet has given us so much, and one of the things that Millennials are simply hooked on is getting informed on Google and simply being in touch with friends and family online.

However, have you ever wondered how the trends develop and who says it is time to change the style? Well, that largely depends on what is hot at the moment and how people respond to it. Let’s take a look at the hot trends for this year in graphic design that will be a true treat for our senses!

1. 3D rules the world


People are crazy about 3D and who can blame them. It looks stunning, and it is truly pushing the limits of the visual effects that we are used to seeing so far. Mascots done in 3D definitely attract more attention than the flat ones that could be seen just a while ago.

They look more realistic and interesting, which is basically the whole idea behind it – to attract the attention of the visitors and impress them so they will come back for more. The graphic designers are truly pushing the limits on what can be done, so it is something that should be considered when working on expanding your skills.

2. Monochrome sets the tone


The colors on the images can draw you in the world of the company you are checking out online, or they can completely turn you off. There is a fine line about how things should be done, and it seems that this year will be all about monochrome. It simply tones down the colors, so that the message can be conveyed loud and clear. This is particularly important when there is some important information that the visitors should know about, such as the time and date of an event.

It is also very important for companies who want to work on the branding because you have probably noticed – huge companies tend to use the same colors over and over again until it becomes their trademark. It is necessary to keep things simple because the visitors appreciate simplicity and elegance more than flashing, bright colors, and too many things going on.

3. Let it shine


Have you noticed that lately, companies put shiny letters on the business cards, products, or anywhere else where it is appropriate? Well, that’s because it looks more luxurious, which signals success. Success leads to even more success, so even if you are still on your beginning, you can be sure that using shiny metals will attract attention and inspire your potential customers to come to you and become loyal to your brand. It is basic human psychology – we want the best for ourselves, so that is exactly what you need to give to them.

4. Illustrations with lines


This trend seems to keep coming back. It is completely understandable because it looks cute and can easily convey the message of your choice the way you want to. Considering that people are simply thrilled by this trend it is something that graphic designers should perfect as much as possible and include in their work. It seems that it is not going anywhere for years to come. We will be seeing a lot of it this year too.

5. Making interesting collages

Most of us doodles when we are bored or simply waiting for something. However, it is an element used for graphic design. It helps the graphic designers to create a design that will be appealing to a large number of people. It looks down to earth and pretty appealing. When combined with other elements, we get a collage that looks very interesting and that the visitors will remember. The whole point of the design is to choose the elements that will inspire visitors and push them to come back to you because they like you.

6. Using simple illustrations


This is not a new trend, it is there for a while now, but it will be hot this year too. It is a way to communicate the wanted messages to the visitors. You will probably notice that they look like cartoons, and that is because the graphic designers want you to feel good when you look at it. It is a way to charm you and simply attract your attention. No one wants to be spooked while browsing the Internet. We simply spend too much time working online, so having the chance to see something gentle is simply nice.

7. Going back to Earthy tones


Creamy brownish colors from the palette remind us of the ’50s, and this is exactly where the graphic designers got inspired. It is simply recycling the trend that was popular so long ago. Vintage style emerges every now and then and amazes us with the way it can be combined with the new trends and looks so inspiring and fresh. No one can dispute that these tones look extraordinary. Besides, they are easy on the eyes, which is also an important aspect when it comes to making a good website.

Graphic designers need to constantly work on improving their style and looking for new trends. If you lack inspiration, check out  xd.adobe.com. It is important to look for the ways other people are working so you can take something from each trend and create your unique style you will be easily recognizable for. In order to be successful, you should constantly be in the loop with the new trends, so you implement them into the websites you are making. Just remember that less is more. No one wants to have a mix of too many things that will be too distracting from the message you want your visitors to see. One thing is for sure, and this will be an exciting year for graphic designers!