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How to Plan A Hong-Kong Visit 2021

by Ingeborg

Hong Kong is a vacation destination for everybody, including families with kids. There are numerous things that make Hong Kong a go-to destination in mind: it’s generally a safe place (the crime percentage is super low), the city has a cool, cutting-edge vibe, transportation is simple, and the city is clean. Additionally, the climate is magnificent during fall and winter.

In this article, we help you plan your next Hong-Kong visit.

If you are planning your family excursion in Hong Kong, kindly read on to get some ideas on how to plan the perfect Hong-Kong trip. If you are willing to plan a trip, this article is perfect for you or you can follow Savvy in HK as well.

Time Needed?

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Two to Three Days

We recommend you stay in Hong Kong for at least 2 days with your children (if you will be traveling with them). In those two days, you can visit some top attractions in Hong Kong Island and an amusement park.

If you can spend up to three days, that’s great! You can pick another amusement park or visit different attractions, for example, a few museums.

What to Prepare for the Hong Kong Trip?

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You won’t need to apply for a P.R.C visa when you travel to Hong Kong. For some guests visiting, Hong Kong has a 7 to 180 days free-visa option. However, travel identification that’s valid for at least a month and often valid for 6 months (contingent upon ethnicity) is an absolute necessity.

Below, we list the different visa requirements based on various locations;

  • British Passport Holders, 180 days without a visa;
  • US, Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Colombia, Egypt Passport Holders, 90 days without a visa;
  • Albania, Armenia, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Georgia, Myanmar Passport holders, require a visa to enter Hong Kong.

Note: If you need to go to P.R.C. after your trip to Hong Kong, you might be required to get a Chinese visa.

How much will it generally cost for a trip to Hong Kong?

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Hong Kong is among the most expensive destinations in Asia, the most significant part of your travel costs will be spent on accommodation and food.

  • Accommodation

The cost of Luxury Hotels with 5-star ratings generally start upwards of HK$3,000 a night. For an average standard of lodging, you can expect to pay at least HK$800-1,000 a night.  Budget accommodation will cost around HK$300-500.

During the Christmas holiday, New Year, and Spring Festival, you will see the cost of many hotels in Hong Kong rise more than twofold. Guests are encouraged to book two months ahead of time.

Eating in Hong Kong is practically identical to that in Beijing and Shanghai. The per-person price for three meals a day can easily cost anywhere from HK$200 to more than HK$1,000. If you eat at a restaurant, you will have to pay a 10% service fee.

In contrast to eating out at restaurants, local snacks in Hong Kong are cheap and delightful. Fish eggs, shellfish omelets, and different tidbits can cost as little as H$20. Local eateries, for example, those you can find at night markets, might only cost HK$60-80 for a meal.

  • Transportation

Generally speaking, public transportation is super cheap in Hong Kong. This is not a cost you need to worry about. Just buy an Octopus Card which will allow you to Zapp onto public transport with ease. Just as you will be amazed about the cost of accommodation and food, you will equally be amazed by the low cost of public transportation.

Taxis in Hong Kong are relatively inexpensive. The cheapest fare is HK$24.

  • Miscellaneous Cost

Disney’s single-day ticket is around HK$620, Ocean Park costs around HK$480. In contrast, public museums are really inexpensive and of incredibly high quality.

When to go to Hong Kong?

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Hong Kong is an ideal destination to visit from September to January. From June to August, Hong Kong is regularly pestered by monsoon climates and rain downpours. After January comes the busy Spring celebration time, when there tends to be a lot of tourists and prices can get really high.

Where to Stay in Hong Kong?

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Hong Kong is, without a doubt, an expensive place to stay irrespective of the area you select. Hong Kong is densely populated. You’re best to stay close to somewhere with a great vibe and close to transportation.

The areas we recommend for tourists to stay in Hong Kong are:

  • Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) – close to many of the most iconic Hong Kong destinations and high rises, and also has a Star Ferry terminal
  • Mong Kok – close to the sights and sounds of the city. Night markets galore
  • Hong Kong Island – Central

Top Activities in Hong Kong for Children

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Amusement Parks – Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, Ocean Park is a much-loved destination for kids. It offers exciting rides, educational activities about the importance of conservation, and there are also performing creatures. Ocean Park also has its own cable car. Be sure to go on this! You’ll be able to see the whole park in its entirety as well as the beautiful ocean.

Museums – Hong Kong Science Museum and Hong Kong Space Museum

These two museums are a must-see for kids. Inexpensive and high-quality, these museums are sure to please your children.

A large portion of the shows in the Hong Kong Science Museum and Hong Kong Space Museum is directly aimed at children. The shows aim to showcase different learnings in intriguing and interesting manners.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy a visit or two to Hong-Kong. Whatever the reason for your visit to Hong Kong, be it business or vacation, these are some of the best tips to help you organize your itinerary and help you create a to-do list on your next trip to Hong-Kong.

We hope you find this guide helpful.