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Which is the Best Dating Site For Me?

by Nina Smith

In recent years, online dating services have grown rapidly around the world, including the United States, and today hundreds of millions of people are active users of online dating sites or applications. Although only recently they were considered unreliable and little able to give a decent result, now more and more people find their destiny on the site www.sofiadate.com.

This change can be explained by the shift of people’s attitudes toward the Internet in general — we got accustomed to it so that today shopping, studying or working online won’t make much surprise as all this has become our daily routine. Dating services function just the same as any online service, so why not use them? Why not find your soulmate or new friends with their help? Many people have just done it, and they are happily married now!

But today’s prospective dater faces another kind of challenge — they should find their best dating site out of thousands ready to be used in the USA. Trying them all would be a bit complicated experiment, but there exists a better alternative. This guidance will help you to orientate yourself in the dating sites ocean and choose your lucky one.

Are all dating sites the same?

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Of course, online dating sites, even in the USA, differ. Now gone are the days when all the matchmakers offered almost the same catalog with little info and a photo of singles 30+. New dating sites represent a great diversity and offer their services to various groups of people with different concepts of a date.

To each age group its own dating site

First of all, they gather people of different ages including the youth and seniors. It may surprise you, but it actually stays within the common sense as younger people got hooked on smartphones long ago. Surely, they still tend to meet in person, but dating online is just another convenient option for them which they do not want to ignore.

For example, the Teen Dating Site is addressed specifically for the teens and is gaining more and more popularity with them, while such date industry leaders as Tinder and Match.com traditionally rank among the best online resources for different age groups, and the young are no exception. So, they have a choice.

In case of the mature — even of the over-sixty category — there’s also a growth in confidence when speaking about online consuming. Nowadays, people of this age group are often full of energy, and they can be single because they have dedicated a big part of their life to work, so now it’s about time to get an online account on one of the dating sites for seniors and initiate their search.

It is predictable that people over 40 and more tend to search for serious relationships, so their best are somewhat different, for instance, it may be eHarmony or Elite Singles. However, Match.com can be the universal solution for both the younger and the older generations in the USA.

Interests make the difference

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One more reason why there are so many dating sites today is that a big number of them are designed for a specific group of people gathered together by some interest or an idea. It may be a certain hobby or profession, religion and education, nation preference or anything.

You may find dating sites for those who have divorced, for single parents, for widowers. Basically, there’s scarcely a chance that you have an interest for which they have not developed a dating site or app in the USA yet.

However, your choice may come out of two alternatives — to have a quick flirt or to look for a long-lasting relationship. Although it seems to be just a biased opinion, some popular resources are widely regarded as being the best for fast hookups while the others are seen as quite capable of producing a «more durable product», that is a marriage.

Thus, some would say that the same old Tinder is only for one-time dates and eHarmony gives you more chances to find your perfect match. There’s something about it, but in fact it all depends only on you as well as on your attraction strategies.

Is there any difference between free and paid dating sites?

Actually, there is. You do not have to pay a monthly fee for access to a free dating site and it may be a forcible argument for you. But things are not as simple, otherwise people would use only free dating sites — what could make people pay for the same product which can be offered free of charge? But they indeed pay. Well then, the price is not the point.

There exists a current opinion that free sites like OKCupid or Tinder are the best for those looking for something light, while the paid Match.com or eHarmony can offer their subscribers a chance to meet their eternal love. This judgement is based on another prejudice: people who are ready to pay would have more serious intentions than those surfing online for free.

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In reality, both types of dating sites have huge audiences in the USA and the reason to choose this or that dating site for them is neither the price nor «experts’ beliefs» but probably the very atmosphere of their favorite is what they have chosen.

To this we can add that, in case you are a total beginner at the art of dating, it may be sensible to try a free dating site first. Thus, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the matter and — if it doesn’t work, you will easily unsubscribe. Moreover, for this purpose many paid sites offer a free trial available for a certain period which can be the perfect solution for you as a newcomer.


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So, you have to bear in mind all these criteria before starting to look for your best dating site. You should ask yourself questions like: What is my general purpose? Is it a serious long-lasting relationship which is on my mind or do I need just a quick date? What people would I like to meet? Which interests or hobbies am I going to share with these people? Does the nation, religion or whatever make a difference for me? Would I prefer to pay for a dating site or is it better to try something for free at the beginning?

But that’s not it. Your best dating site should have something more. It should convey a sentiment of lightness and joy. After choosing one, you might study some information about it and read comments of the already-existing users. Chances are high that some people around you have experience in employing dating sites’ teams, so do not hesitate to ask for their advice. If it promises pleasure, go on and become a member of such a multivarious and fast growing community as online daters in the USA or UK. For example, the best dating sites in the UK, you can check at https://datinghelp.co.uk/dating-sites.