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Pete Doherty is a Far Cry From His Old Self

by Nebojša Vujinović

Pete Doherty is a new man if you’d like to believe his words. The mane relocated a bit south, to France, and aims for a new beginning. For one, he says that substance abuse was replaced with love for cheese, which is a massive step forward. Now, he was photographed by paparazzi while walking his dog and enjoying a piece of cheese. From all the records on him we have, it would seem that rock and roll life is truly behind him.

The ex-frontman of Babyshambles, already turned 42, and the move to Normandy was his attempt of getting things straight in his life. As you can see he’s doing fine, enjoying the sunshine, walking his dog, and enjoying his newfound passion for cheese. It would seem that a new love has a downside, as Doherty is now a bit bulkier and his hair has more gray than it used to. Life in France does well for Pete it would seem, as controversies following him are no longer there as he enjoys ties with his girlfriend Katia de Vidas.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Doherty who was once known for his dark black hair and thin build looks nothing like his old self. Back in the day, he was also known for dating supermodel Kate Moss. Many would find it hard to believe this today, as this tanned, thin person, walks somewhere in Normandy walking a dog, and eating cheese. The most interesting part is his gray hair growing under a local hat he seems to also be enjoying as of late.

When compared to his old self, the two-man look nothing alike. While shirt, navy shorts, flip-flops, hat, and mustache look nothing like we used to see on Pete Doherty. He seems to be living the closest to a family life he ever had which can also be seen through his move to buying a local newspaper.

Doherty seems to be enjoying his new life with fellow band members from his new band Puta Madres, as he’s been waking with Rafa, a band member. His latest girlfriend Katia de Vidas is also a member of the band. In addition to making new music, and working on some new and upcoming gigs, Pete was adamant that things that he focuses the most on now are sleeping, drinking water, and eating cheese.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Everything surrounding Pete signals that he has really made an u-turn in his life. As of late he also dedicates some of his time to a sport, called pétanque, which is as we see it, some sort of bowling. In recent weeks he’s been enjoying this activity with his fellow neighbors Frenchmen. In the past, the musician was more known for his turbulent life filled with drugs and alcohol. While now living far away from former enemies, he admits that having a cocktail now and then is not forbidden.

One of his current neighbors talked to The Sun and said: “ Peter is no longer a bad boy. He’s relaxing, settling down, and loving the goods things in life. We introduced him to pétanque and he’s fallen in love with the game. He often joins our club nights when we play.”

A man from a local bakery, Mikael Grondin chimed in: “ He is always popping in for a bag of Bout de Choux (creamy little cabbage), which is a pastry filled with cream. Maybe that’s why he’s put on weight but, don’t worry, these will be good for him.”

Source: dailymail.co.uk

We can only hope that this lifestyle will continue for Pete as in the past he was fighting addiction and was rather an unreliable person. Talking about his new life, Doherty said: “I like Comté [a type of French cheese], Comté on toast. My guilty pleasure is sleeping. For years and years, I would stay up for five or six days, and then I would sleep for 24 hours, so now I love sleep. At the moment I’m quite clean. I stopped taking heroin and ketamine.”

The glory days, of dating models, and attending parties day in and day out are behind Pete, as he looks forward only to sleeping, drinking water, and now inevitable cheese. The life former Babyshambles star leads today is a far cry from the drug addiction, drinking life he once led. It is good to know that even those who have sunk deep can get back up again to ride the waves.