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Pet Friendly Cleaning Products: A Safe Home For Your Four-Legged Friend

by Nina Smith

According to the research, contact with an animal improves mood, helps to control stress and calms down. Animal lovers don’t need any analyses to know this. They have first-hand experience.

Who doesn’t like this moment, when we’re back at home, tired after many hours at work and our four-legged friend welcomes us? Just happy about our return. Animals are our best friends and family members. It’s an old, well-known truth. They’re making the house more cheerful, they’re our faithful companions for many years, making our faces smile. We like to take care of them. In many cases. It’s important not only to provide them with good living conditions, e.g. in terms of adequate food. We must keep them safe. This is a priority for the owners, who have taken responsibility for the animals. And even in our home there are many dangers that can pose a serious threat to their health. The research reports that almost all accidents of animal poisonings take place in our homes.

Invisible toxic residues which definitely aren’t pet safe

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Have you ever wondered about residues, which are on your floor after using traditional liquids? In addition to the seemingly pleasant smell, which often consists of many harmful substances, traditional floor cleaning products have ingredients, which are toxic to animals. Furry members of our family have continuous and direct contact not only with the floors, but also with various surfaces, which also were exposed to traditional cleaning products.

By the way, there are many connections between us and our pets in this matter. Chemicals affect our bodies similarly. Allergies, respiratory system irritation, carcinogenicity. However, animals are exposed to the toxins almost constantly. After all, there are no clothes or shoes that would insulate them from the contaminated surface. They won’t shower themselves to wash off harmful substances. They’re 100% dependent on us and our choices – like children unaware of the dangers. That’s why we have so much responsibility. Accidents happen and we must prevent them efficiently.

Every day our pets roll on the floor, bite and play with toys scattered around the house, they have access to blankets, our clothes, and finally to bowls we have washed. Animals inhale vapors of air fresheners and the other sprays of unknown compositions. Finally, they sit on the floor and lick their hair and paws. Let’s add that they like to bite and eat many things that aren’t entirely made for it. Constant contact with chemicals – 24/7 without limits. It’s very important to cut such risks. Using pet safe cleaning products gives you sureness, that your pet won’t be harmed by any of the detergents.

Pet friendly cleaners – no chemicals, no problems

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Manufacturers of pet safe cleaning products focus on the elimination of toxins that can harm our pets. In this type of cleaners we won’t find, among others:

  • Ammonia – present it in e.g. floor cleaners or drain cleaners. Efficiently removes stains but causes irritation to the skin and eyes of animals too. If an animal licks a surface containing ammonia, it may also have a burning problem with nose, esophagus and stomach.
  • Bleach – it has a strong smell. Animals have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, especially dogs, so its inhalation may seriously irritate their respiratory system. If our pet swallows bleach, it’ll lead to the poisoning due to the chlorine containing.
  • Phthalates – they can be found in refreshing sprays. They’re components of fragrance compositions. It’s recommended to use them without the presence of animals. The rooms should be ventilated before we let our four-legged friend into them again. It causes irritation of the respiratory system too.

These are just a few examples of the toxins found in traditional cleaning products, that are dangerous to our pets. Chemical detergents, in addition to irritating skin, eyes and respiratory system, in extreme cases may expose animals to the risk of liver, and kidney damage, anemia and even cancer. Very often we aren’t aware of the consequences of exposing our pets to chemicals. A little learning is a dangerous thing.

Clean and safe house

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Replacing chemicals by all natural cleaners is a great solution for pet lovers, who want to keep their animals safe and have peace of mind too. The Animal Poison Control Center research shows, that household items are responsible for 7.3% of the animal poisonings examined in 2018. More often the poisonings occurs only with human and animal medications, chocolate and other types of food. Bringing awareness in that case is a matter of life and death. We can prevent unfortunate accidents by choosing pet friendly cleaners.

Pet friendly detergent is made of 100% plant-based ingredients. Pet safe cleaning products, such as e.g. AspenClean don’t pose any threat to our quadrupeds – even if an animal swallows it.
Moreover, organic ingredients are as effective as traditional ones. They still do a great job and even the frequent need for cleaning, that accompanies having pets, won’t pose any threat to the animal’s health. Forget about chemical residues scattered all over your home.

Good for all animals

It’s worth to know, that products are safe not only for our four-legged friends, but we can be sure, that no animal was suffering during their production too. Cruelty-free movement is more and more common, so many manufacturers are beginning to follow it. The elimination of threats that affect not only our pets, but also the huge number of animals that are used for testing, is one of the main goals of animal lovers. You can be sure that there are no connections between eco products and animals suffering. That’s a matter of fact.

Pet safe cleaning products are additionally safe not only for animals, but also for you, your children and the environment! You don’t have to worry about any threats posed by traditional cleaning products anymore. All natural cleaners are here to give you peace of mind and keep your home both – safe and clean. Is there a better combination possible?