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7 Best Types of Shoes For Elderly

by William Gist

Up until recently, it was fairly challenging to find the right shoes for the elderly. After all, these have to meet a number of requirements, so the selection was limited. Well, as you have surely noticed, this isn’t the case anymore.

If you are looking for a pair for your grandparents, our advice is to focus on the Velcro shoes. Not only do these come in multiple designs and models, but keep in mind that they are specifically designed for the elderly, which means that they are the perfect fit. In the following article, we will discuss certain types of these and tell you about the features you should consider before making a purchase.

1. Dr. Comfort Winner

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As already mentioned, the creators of Velcro think about different conditions the old people suffer from when designing the footwear, and Dr. Comfort Walker shoes are created specifically for people who have diabetes. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t great walking footwear for everyone else.

The main feature of these is that they include a gel insert that fits a diabetic foot perfectly, but at the same time, it is sturdy enough to prevent any potential injuries. There is a back loop that enables a person to pull them on easier, as well as a strap that makes these adjustable to any foot. They are made of leather, come in two colors, and you can learn more about them on ramresearch.org/best-velcro-shoes-for-elderly.

2. Propet Men’s Scandia Strap

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A lot of elderly have issues with their balance, which is why they are prone to falls and accidents. Well, one of the best ways to increase their safety is to get them the right pair of shoes, and this is when Propet Men’s Scandia Strap Slip-on footwear comes in.

The combination of a sturdy heel counter that fixes the foot and a simple strap and hook used to slip them on is what makes these shoes not only comfortable but also suitable for the elderly. In addition, these have PU soles and EVA footbed that absorb every step. Finally, these also have anti-slip outsoles made of rubber, which minimize the possibility of injuries.

3. Orthofeet Arthritis Women’s Leather Shoes

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Without a doubt, Orthofeet is the leading brand on the market when it comes to shoes designed for people who suffer from diseases that affect their moving ability, such as arthritis. The main advantage of these is that their design relieves the pressure, which makes them great choices for the elderly who suffer from any kind of condition, from arthritis to diabetes and edema.

What’s more, these include OrthoCushion System soles, which makes them comfortable, as well as top arch and heel support that fit perfectly and ensure that the feet are well-fixed. There is also a simple strap that makes them easy to put on.

4. SAS Women’s Me Too

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If your grandma’s top priority is comfort, you shouldn’t hesitate a second, but instead, go and purchase these shoes. These walking shoes are intended for everyday use, which is why the upper part is made of a combination of synthetic and leather for the best breathability. They also feature a CoolStep technology with cushioned lining and removable footbeds. The combination of these ensure comfort even when the swelling occurs after a long walk. There are also two closure straps, which enable them to fit perfectly to everyone, as well as anti-slip outsoles that increase safety.

5. New Balance Men’s Walking Shoes

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Since we have introduced you to the best walking footwear for women, we have to do the same thing for men. Our top choice is New Balance, and we will tell you why. These are also made of leather and synthetics, like the previous ones, which means that they are very durable, and therefore, great for everyday use. Also, they are quite sturdy, which only enhances their long-lasting feature.

They have PU soles, foam soles, and cushioned lining, which ensure support and further increase their comfort. Naturally, there are also rubber outsoles for boosted security, and these come in three colors, which is always a great feature since you can choose between multiple options.

6. Dr. Scholl’s Gaston Fisherman Sandal

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Now, let’s talk about some warm-weather options. If your grandpa wants to wear something with an open-sided design but closed-toes, fisherman sandals are probably the best choice. When it comes to this type of shoes designed specifically for older people, there is no need to look further, but instead, go and get these by Dr. School.

These shoes are adored by men since they enable top ventilation, meaning that sweat is no longer an issue, but they also offer protection for sensitive toes. These are made of leather, include memory foam cushions and Neoprene lining. This combination ensures top comfort, although these do not offer great arch support, so it is a thing to consider.

7. CLARKS Women’s Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat

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Even though other requirements should be at the top of their list, not a lot of women aren’t ready to sacrifice the aesthetic design of their footwear. However, it is not always easy for elderly women to find the best shoes that will go perfectly with every outfit. This brand understands the struggle, which is why they have created these flats.

These include memory foam footbeds, which can be removed and replaced with other inserts if necessary. The diagonal strap doesn’t only make these super easy to put on, but let’s be honest, it is a great fashion detail and makes them more aesthetically appealing. They are really light, which makes them comfortable and perfect for everyday use during warm seasons.

Finally, these come in numerous colors, meaning that you will easily find the ones your loved one will adore. However, keep in mind that they don’t have arch support, so they may not be the right choice for certain people.

Wrapping up

To sum up, these are only some of the options older people have when it comes to Velcro footwear. As you can see, most of these include specific features that will facilitate your loved one’s everyday life by alleviating the symptoms and pain that affect them on a daily basis.