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Francisco D’Agostino: Top 10 Payment Methods For Sellers To Add On Their Websites

by William Gist

Web businesses are the top trend now. They have control over the global market and there are some of the most common payment methods which are used and accepted worldwide. Whether you want to sell something or purchase, these payment methods always help you to make secure payments.

However, when it is about the payment methods, there are basically two categories, global and local ones.

Below mentioned are the top 10 globally accepted payment methods that you can use for making secure payments, according to Francisco D’Agostino:

1- Maestro cards

Source: wikipedia.com

The Maestro debit cards are basically by the Mastercard and they are considered to be less famous as compared to the MasterCard or visa. In some markets including Australia, Brazil and European markets, these cards are widely accepted for making payments. If you are a seller in Europe, you must add this card to your website as most people use it.

2- MasterCard and Visa cards

These are the most common kind of credit and debit cards that are used both locally and globally. These cards can be easily found everywhere as in most of the countries around the globe, they are used as the common medium of payments and transactions. This is the most popular form of online payment around the globe. For you as a seller, this payment option is necessary to be added on the website.

3- PayPal

Source: ecommerce-nation.com

PayPal is also one of the most common payment methods around the world. Some of the countries have great importance of PayPal especially in making purchases. In the United States and Germany, PayPal is considered to be the leading online payment mode. However, in CEE regions, this mode of payment is not accepted. PayPal is simple to use and is liked by most people. PressRoom.es has some hacks to help you prevent PayPal payment scams in a better way. This payment method is really worth to have especially when you are a US-based firm and it is well-known as well.  This payment method is found generally common infamous business because clients hardly leave their confidential card data with the unknown or any new businesses.

4- Bank transfer

Bank transfer is a widely used payment method on the global as well as local levels. It is of great benefit in the business world because it has the most useful. If you are having a selling business, don’t forget to add the bank account for payments as it is the most convenient and most used method. Almost everyone would have a bank account and people having accounts can make payment transfers easily. In the global usage of a bank transfer, there is one major disadvantage and that is if you have a bank account method of payment, you would have to wait for the payment to be transferred as this system works manually.  However, this payment method is accepted around the world. Not even a single country excludes this payment method. There are some countries too which have their own bank transfer systems like Poland, Netherlands and Germany have their own systems. So if you don’t have any other mode of payment, you can simply put the details of your bank account and wait for the payment to get transferred.

5- American Express cards

Source: adamfayed.com

American Express cards are actually not popular in the entire world but they are widely accepted in America, especially in Northern America. If you are a seller in America, this payment method is certainly for you.  This payment has no amount limitation and the best thing about this is that you can transfer as much amount as you want.

6- JCB cards

JCB cards are also one of the popular sources of online payment transfer. These cards are widely used in Asian markets including Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and China. They are also used in the US and Luxembourg but are more popular in Asian countries. However, there is still a large part of the world that is unfamiliar with the use of JCB cards but these cards are certainly worth having if your sale target is Asian and North American areas.

7- Direct debits

Source: moneydonut.co.uk

Direct debits are also another kind of payment transfer around the globe but one disadvantage of using them is that they have different functioning in different parts of the world. In some countries, the procedure is automatic while in others it is manual. However, this payment method is available everywhere in the world but different regulations in different countries make this payment method a bit complex. If you want to add the direct debits option to your business websites, then it is better to add it for different countries separately.  A better way is to add this payment method for countries with automatic processes and simple regulations.

8- Union Pay

Union pay is the Chinese model of payment and it is currently the most famous and one of the biggest payment card brands around the globe. Almost all the Chinese use this card for making payments and you can add this card too if your sales target is Asia, especially China. This card is still becoming popular among users.

9- Sofort banking

Source: okchanger.com

Sofort banking is also one of the payment modes and it is used almost in all the countries of the world especially in the European countries. This method of online transactions is most popularly used in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. However, there are still countries that don’t support this payment so you have to make prior research regarding those.

10-  Dinerclub cards

The diner club cards are also known worldwide and they are the most popular in Germany, UK and several North American countries. These cards have the most common usage in the entertainment and travel industries. They are worth having for US-based sellers.

With all these payment methods, you can find the right one for your E-business depending upon the location and your target audience. It’s always better to add more than one payment option.