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7 Must-Install Software for Movie Lovers – 2024 Guide

by Edvard Berlusconi

There is nothing better than snuggling at the end of the day, taking your favorite blanket, and watching your favorite movie. The great thing about it is that there is a great selection of movies online that you can choose from, but also have them on your computer and watch offline.

However, one of the basic requirements is to have the appropriate software that will support playing the video so you can fully immerse yourself into the experience without any issues whatsoever. In order to help you do it, we have gathered a list that you can choose from and relax completely when you have a chance.


This is one of the users’ favorite software because of the stunning interface. It is truly modern and elegant, but that is not just a pretty interface. The options it offers are fabulous as well. It is very simple to use and there are a few ways you can use it – to copy the content of one disc to another, but also to get a digital back up of your discs. There is even the option to compress it to scale down the capacity. It can also bypass the copy protection on the discs to help you achieve your goal and copy the disc you have paid for and use it on another device if you want. It is definitely worth the attention and if you want to check it out, click here DVDFab.



This is a great free software that can support even the formats that are not common. The movie will be played smoothly and without issues. It can support 3D, 2K, 4K, and UHD which will enable the easier playback if the PC you are playing it on has a lower configuration. The great thing about it is that you can create a library of the files you want, so you can add your favorites easily. One of the numerous advantages of this player is that it will automatically adjust the playback screen to yours in an instant. This is certainly one of the major advantages that you may like.



This acronym stands for Media Player Classic-Home Cinema. It is software you can use for free. There are no toolbars that are looking too aggressive. It is a lightweight version you can easily use on your computer and play the movies of your choice. There are also additional features you can try out and an option to customize it fully with the skins and the toolbars of your choice. It has even a portable version you can try if you want to increase its potency.

GOM Media Player


This software is a great choice if you often switch the type of media files and you need it to support it without any issues. This player also lets the users customize their appearance according to preferences. You can download the skin that looks appealing to you and simply apply it for full enjoyment. There is also the option to set the playback speed control, audio capture, video effects, and many others. Make sure you check them out so you can enjoy it to the fullest. The best part is that it is free and it will help you enjoy the movies of your choice the moment you want it.

DivX Player


If you enjoy watching High-Quality movies without compromising any of the quality, then you won’t go wrong with DivX Player. It is made with HQ Video playback in mind and it can stream files on various devices which is pretty cool. The name can be deceiving, so you shouldn’t focus solely on that. It also supports MP4, MKV, and AVI which broadens its potential a lot.

You can organize videos within playlists, and the best part is – there is a playlist called Recently Watched. Opt for it if you want to proceed from the point you stopped watching which is amazing when you are interrupted suddenly because of some unpredicted things or you are just sleepy and tired. You can simply continue the next time you are in the mood.


This player is pretty reliable and it will give you the experience you want even if your PC is not very powerful. If you like to watch movies in 3D you can easily do it with this player. It is an experience like no other. It is certainly worth the try. There are numerous options you can try to make your movie-watching experience as good as possible. You should check it out and see if that is what you need.



This software for watching movies is pretty simple for use and has numerous benefits that users like. There are built-in codecs, but there is also a YouTube support so you can enjoy watching videos directly from the website. You can also get the subtitles you want. It is very efficient and will give you the best possible experience for watching your favorite movies. In addition, it can be used for listening to songs or any other audio files. Users like it because of its simplicity. Navigating videos is pretty simple which is an important aspect that every user wants. Make sure you learn the keyboard shortcuts so you can control it even faster.

We hope we helped you to get a better idea of the player that you may find the most useful. Before making a decision, check out all the features, your configuration, and see if that is what you need. By testing each player, you will get a better idea about the experience it offers and figure out what the best choice would be. One thing is for sure – it was never easier than now to watch movies online or offline since they are readily available and can be watched without the hassle. Movie lovers can truly sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie without any issues!