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Online Floral Shops in Latvia: Send Flowers to Riga Wherever You Are

by Sinke Car

Flowers are believed to be a universal, ubiquitous, classic gift. You can present a bouquet of gentle roses to your fiancée or beloved woman; you can send glorious royal lilies as a wedding or an anniversary gift; you can even order a delivery of stunning flower composition to make a never-to-be-forgotten first impression while arranging the first date.

24/7 floral services with delivery


If you want to buy a breathtaking bouquet you have several options. Firstly, you may visit flower boutiques in your city yourself. It’s not so difficult to take a taxi, visit several shops in your district, to check an actual range and eventually pick roses, tulips, hydrangeas or gerberas. Usually it takes 1-2 hours minimum to visit floral stores and buy all you need personally.

Secondly, you can visit online services which provide flower delivery. Frankly speaking, it is usually more convenient – you just make several clicks visiting the official site, choosing appropriate flower composition and completing the order form. No need to worry and spend hours of your spare time, communicating with consultants and wasting money on public transport. Just make an order and set delivery time – and your gift will be there, handed and received with joy.

Moreover, with online shops you are able to make presents to anyone wherever you are all over the Globe. Sitting in Texas you can send a gift to you girlfriend in Latvia, present a floral bounty to your business partners or colleagues in another country, etc. Just find composition in a catalogue which matches your budget and individual preferences and make an order. To learn more about flower delivery service in Riga, Latvia check this website: www.krokus.lv.

Why not send flowers to Riga in Latvia?


Usually we don’t send flowers to anyone in other cities and countries. Nevertheless there are several situations in which online service with local delivery becomes an optimal decision.

First of all, if you make an online acquaintance with somebody living abroad, for instance in Latvia while you are living in Germany or the US, and you are eager to make a surprising gift to him or her. Flowers from a local shop delivered from hand to hand become a nice present. It is affordable and easy to remotely order gifts.

Secondly you can work abroad while your parents, bride or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend are living in your origin city – for example, in Riga. You can send pretty flowers in order to congratulate them with a birthday, anniversary or just to make a nice surprise without particular reason. Just imagine the joy of your mama or your partner while receiving a gift from you being thousands of miles away.

At last, we usually send flowers to our foreign business partners or colleagues to compliment them or to celebrate a successful deal. If you live in the EU, USA, Japan, Brazil or anywhere else and work with somebody in Latvia you can send them flower composition with direct delivery to the office or apartment.

Commonly such online flower shops with 24-hour delivery are working in big cities. For example, if you want to order bouquets with delivery in Latvia you’d better find reliable floral service in Riga. You can physically be 1000 miles away and still be able to send flowers to your crush, friend, mother or grandma just spending several minutes and 20-30 euro average. Believe us, it’s worth it.

Not all floral shop with 24/7 delivery are identical


Make sure the chosen floral shop has advantages and provides good service. What advantages are crucial in our situation?

  1. Take into account that you can be in another country and that is why the shop should offer different payment methods, fast and with minimal commission. Most likely you will pay via bank card, PayPal or e-money so the service should grant absolute protection to your financial and personal data.
  2. Fast 24/7 delivery. Some flowers are really gentle and perishable products. They should be delivered as fast as possible after they cut, being fresh and beautiful. The most respectful services offer really fast delivery – within 2-3 hours after order confirmation. Not all services are open at night and ready to deliver your order at 3 a. m, but some of them operate without breaks, day offs, even on New Year Eve or Saint Valentine’s Day.
  3. The assortment of composition is important too. If you are interested in classical but ordinary and well-known flowers as red roses or yellow tulips you can find them easily mostly in any shop. But if you want to send to your beloved one a unique bouquet you should find professional florists who put their souls in compositions and expand catalogue monthly.
  4. Big floral shops cooperate with international suppliers. As a result you can find in online catalogues not only seasonal flowers or ordinary compositions but rare and really stunning roses, orchids, lilies, callas, tulips from Holland, Kenya, Ecuador or something exotic like cotton flowers of sunflowers.
  5. One of the popular options which floral deliveries offer is making photos with satisfied customers after they receive flowers. You want to see a reaction, smile and eyes of the person you send flowers to, don’t you? Flower courier will not only deliver your present but make a visual proof of happiness, gratitude and joy you made.
  6. Floristics – is an art that requires experience as well as professional skills, talent and passion. That is why you’d better find a floristic shop not only with fast couriers but with skilled florists on the strength. As a result you will be able to order unique, unrepeatable and really breathtaking compositions, gentle and sophisticated or complex and deluxe.
  7. Make sure the online shop has easy-to-use navigation with clear prices and natural looking “not photoshopped” photos of floral composition. Don’t forget to check customers’ feedback.

One of the services with mentioned advantages and good clients’ reviews, which deliver flower composition in Latvia 24/7 is “Krokus”.