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Can Old Carpets Make You Sick

by William Gist

Does it ever get to a point where the carpet is detrimental to your health? Aside from distorting the appeal of your home, old carpets can cause several allergic reactions. And that’s why it’s advisable to plan a carpet removal project when it gets to this stage.

You may be walking on that old carpet, completely unaware of the risks. An old carpet that has outlived its lifespan may hold enough germs and dirt to cause diseases. Most of these pathogens lie deep in the fibers, and not cleaning it makes the situation even worse.

Typical old carpets have allergens, pet feces, dust mites, and other forms of bacteria. This could potentially affect your family’s general health. To know whether or not your carpet is the leading cause of your sickness, check the following signs:

Skin Problems

Source: flushinghospital.org

A cut or scratch on your skin may be the entry point for bacteria from an old carpet. This may lead to severe conditions, such as athlete’s foot and even a fungal infection. Dust mites may also lead to serious skin rashes and irritations. When such problems come from your carpet, then it’s time to say goodbye to it. Get the carpet removal company to come and haul it away, as it will cause more problems in the future.

The most common causative agents of skin irritation include bacteria, dirt, and fungi, which easily breed on an old carpet.

Allergic Reactions Warrant Carpet Removal

This should perhaps be the most obvious sign of a dirty and infested carpet. That recent flare up of allergic reactions inside your house is due to the presence of germs and dirt. When the carpet gets too old, even the most detailed cleaning won’t help much. It’ll still hold dust, mold, tiny bugs, and pet hairs.

All of these allergens can quickly turn your allergies from bad to worse. They act as aggravating agents, which can make you uncomfortable in your house. A dirty old carpet can equally lead to some of the known respiratory diseases and distress, such as asthma, to worsen. Some of the elements that can cause this to happen include dander, spores, and other toxins. To prevent all this from happening, simply plan and organize a carpet removal project before it’s too late.

Difficulty Breathing

Source: healthjade.net

If you start to have any breathing challenges in your home all of a sudden, then it’s probably because of that old carpet. Bacteria and mold have a safe haven on an old carpet. When you breathe in air that has these toxins, you’ll start to develop challenges. You don’t have to subject yourself to such torture all in the name of saving money. If at all you don’t have the money to replace the old carpet, just organize the carpet removal first.

It’s better to have an empty floor with no carpet in the meantime, than to harbor an old carpet that’s causing you trouble. After all, your health comes first before everything else.

When You Start to See Unwanted Insects, It’s Time for Carpet Removal

A dirty carpet is a home for different pests and insects, some of which include fleas, dust mites, and others. These insects are not ideal for a home. Besides, insects tend to have a high reproduction rate, which makes them increase in number over time.

Not only dirty carpets breed insects, but also old ones. And when they start to increase in number, they can soon become overwhelming. If you have a dirty carpet, then you should try as much as you can to prevent them from breeding by regularly cleaning.

For the other reason, that’s an old carpet, then carpet removal is the only feasible solution, according to jiffyjunk.com. You might call in fumigators several times, but this may not help solve the problem permanently. Old carpet fibers are also harder to clean and ward off insects.

A Weakened Immune System

Source: northwell.edu

As shocking as this may sound, an old carpet can weaken your immune system. Are you wondering how this is possible? It’s simple – when you start to get all of the above diseases, your immunity weakens by the day.

The human immune system responds to bacteria and toxins by going extra into overdrive to fight and protect your body. When you constantly expose your immune system to an unclean environment full of these toxins and bacteria, you’re slowly weakening it.

As your body struggles to ward off diseases from toxins and bacteria, it gets to a point where it becomes overwhelmed. The immune system can only fight for so long. When you stress it too much, then it can easily reach its breaking point.

The last thing your immune system should be in constant battle with is your environment. At the very least, play a role by rectifying this. One way to do it is carpet removal. Get rid of that old carpet.

Final Thoughts

Your health is far more important than an old carpet. If you begin to experience such challenges, it’s probably a wake-up call for carpet removal – don’t ignore it. If you can’t do it on your own, then consider calling a carpet removal company for help.