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8 Reasons Everyone Needs Blue Light Blocking Glasses

by William Gist

It is said that more than two billion people around the world suffer from some type of eye disease or have experienced a bad vision. The number one reason for this is the blue light that comes from our screens. This type of light negatively affects not only our eyes but our whole bodies as well. In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the reasons why everyone needs blue light blocking glasses, and how you will protect your health by using them.

1. They will protect your eyes

Source: webmd.com

The first reason why you should start using these lenses is that they will protect your eyes from different types of lights. Most of the rays that come from the screens of our devices are harmful, and it is said that a person spends 5 hours on average looking at a screen every day. If you work an office job, chances are, you are staring at your screen for more than this. If we calculate the usage of our smart devices, that number can double.

If you want to protect your eyes, your vision, and your overall health, then you should think about getting yourself blue light blocking glasses.

2. You won’t get any headaches

Have you ever noticed that when your eyes are tired, your vision gets blurry, and soon after you start feeling the tension in your head? It is said that tired eyes are the number one reason for different types of headaches, including migraines.

When we block the bad light that comes from our screens, we can prevent headaches. Users have said that their migraines have drastically reduced and that they feel less tension in their eyes and temples. In addition, you will decrease your eye pressure, and you won’t get blurry vision.

3. You will get a better sleep

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

It is said that when you are exposed to this type of light, the release of melatonin of your body is decreased. This could lead you to not being able to fall asleep, or it could lead to you having bad dreams and restless sleep.

We spend at least an hour looking at our phones before we go to sleep, and because of it, we need a lot of time to fall asleep after we turn the device off. You can read this article if you want to see how blue light damages sleep patterns, and you can also see what you can do to get your natural melatonin back.

4. You won’t feel tired

According to SmartBuyGlasses, another reason why you should think about getting this product is that you will feel less tired. You’ve probably noticed that when you work long hours, or even when you just play your favorite game on your PC or smartphone, you feel drained after a while.

The reason for this is the blue light and the ways it affects you. If you want to avoid this feeling of fatigue, and sometimes even worn out, then you should think about protecting your eyes with the blocking glasses.

5. They will reduce the risk of getting an eye disease

Source: cnn.com

Did you know that your eyes suffer daily from the UV lights that are transmitted through our screens? Even though some of the lenses we are used to wearing will protect our eyes from the UV light, they never protect us from the blue light.

Know that this type of light is one of the biggest causes that lead to macular degeneration. If that condition is left untreated, it can easily lead to blindness. In addition to this, the blue light can lead to cataracts and additional eye diseases. If you want to do everything you can to prevent, or at least delay these diseases, you should start using these products.

6. You will be able to spend more time looking at your devices

We’ve always heard that we are not supposed to spend too much time using our devices. We know that they can cause so many different problems, and we know that we need to take breaks at least once every 30 minutes. In reality, this is almost impossible, and we sometimes spend several consecutive hours looking at our laptops or PC monitors.

On the same note, we always use our phones before bed, and we wonder why we cannot fall asleep with ease. When you start using these glasses, you will be able to spend more hours looking at the screens without feeling that eye strain.

7. They will protect your overall health

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Recent studies have shown that blue light doesn’t just damage your eyes or sleep pattern, but it can also affect your metabolism, immune system, and even your cardiovascular system. In addition to this, it could lead to depression, anxiety, and mood swing.

So, by investing in these glasses, you will actually be investing in your health. They will protect your overall health, especially cognitive function.

8. You will look stylish and trendy

The last reason why you should get yourself blue light blocking glasses is that you will look stylish and trendy. No matter if you wear them just at work, or throughout the whole day, you will look amazing. Nowadays, there are so many different models, that you won’t even be able to decide on just one. Know that even though the biggest benefits of them are going to be for your health, you will love the way you look when you wear these glasses.

These are some of the reasons why you should choose this type of lenses. Know that the type of lens also depends on the manufacturer, so you should make sure you find the right company that sells quality products.

Muunel is a brand founded by two friends who understand the negative effects of blue light, the damages that can come from it, and they work to create the best products for their customers. On their website, you can find information on not only the best products on the market, but also how to protect your vision, and the difference blue light glasses make.

Choose the right product depending on your needs and personal style, and know that you should not wait for the first eye disease symptoms to appear for you to decide to protect your vision.