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11 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

by Nina Smith

Eyes are a fascinating part of the human body. It is arguably the most sensitive part of the human body too. Therefore, it only makes sense that you take good care of your eyes. Unfortunately, more often than not, we don’t take care of our eyes as we should. However, if you have been ignoring your eye care, then it is going to change after reading this blog.

I’ve narrowed down some of the most important and simple eye care tips that’ll help you in making sure that your eyes look as radiant and fresh as ever.
So, without any further ado, here’s everything that you need to know:

1. Don’t Let Your Eyes Get Dry

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Dry eyes are one of the most common eye problems that people face. However, most people just ignore it and don’t pay much attention. If you are one of those people, then you need to do something about your dry eyes, right. The first thing you need to do is to see your eye doctor. After that, use some good eye drops like I-Drop Pur Gel that can protect your eyes from drying. Remember, it is important because dry eyes can become a reason for many serious eye diseases.

2. Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet

A healthy diet is key to make sure that you live an overall healthy life. When it comes to your eyes, you need to make sure that you eat fresh vegetables and fruits every day. Eat food rich in vitamin A as it is very important for your eyes. Lower vitamin A levels in your body can affect your eyesight by making your eye muscles and tissues weak.

3. Always Wear Protective Eye Gear

Whenever you are out in the sun, you need to make sure that you are wearing eye protective gear. It is important because too much direct sun exposure can put a lot of pressure on your eyes. It means that if you don’t start using eye protective gear, your eyes will eventually become weak, and you might have to face different eye diseases. So, make sure that you use good quality sunglasses when you are exposed to bright sunlight.

4. Smoking is bad for Your Eyes too

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Smoking affects your body in an uncountable way, but most people don’t know that it has a bad effect on your eyes too. Tobacco smoke can make your eyes dry, and you can even catch bacterial or viral infections from the smoke. So, make sure that you work on quitting smoking right now if you want your eyes to stay in healthy shape.

5. Limit Your Screen Time

You might have heard people saying that too much screen time is bad for your eye health, right? Well, that’s 100% true, and you should make sure that you are limiting your screen time as much as you can. However, it is completely understandable that most of us have to stare at the screen all day long.

If that’s the case with you, then don’t worry. All you need to do is make sure that you are using glasses that are specially made to minimize the effect of the screen light. And, just like that, you’ll be all covered, and your eyes will be at minimum risk.

6. Know Your Family’s Medical History

Lastly, you must dig in a little deep and search out if any kind of eye disease runs in your family. It’ll help you take prior care of yourself so that you can minimize the probability of the disease to happen to you. Above all, this way, you’ll be more conscious and naturally take care of your eyes.

7. Know Your Other Risk Factors

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Apart from your family’s medical history, there are many other factors that can affect your eyes. Therefore, it is important that you know about all your risk factors. For example, if you have a high risk of developing an age-related eye disease, then you must start taking care of your eyes accordingly. Sometimes, your one medical condition is related to another, which means that if you have one, you need to take all the measures to ensure that you develop the other one.

8. Be Extra Careful If you Wear Contact Lens

If you have weak eyesight or if you wear an eye contact lens just for the sake of esthetics, then you must make sure that you are taking care of your eyes the way you should. For example, you need to make sure that you wash your contact lens and your eyes completely so that you don’t catch any infection. Keep the container of your contact lens clean and change the lens water regularly as suggested by contactlenses.co.uk.

9. Wash Your Hands Frequently

You’ll be surprised to notice that we touch our eyes very often during our day without even realizing it. It is a kind of involuntary action. Therefore, if your hands are not clean, it can affect your eyes when you touch them. Therefore, you need to make sure that your hands are always clean, and you don’t end up infecting your eyes just because your hands were not clean.

10. Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Another thing that we all tend to do is rub our eyes every time we feel there is something in it or simply just out of a habit. If you are one of those people who rub your eyes, then you need to stop because it can be very damaging for your eyes, and you might end up making things worse if you actually had something in your eyes. So, if you are feeling any sort of irritation, just wash your eyes with plain water, and if that doesn’t help, then it means that you need to see your doctor without mashing or rubbing your eyes.

11. Hydration is the Key

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Lastly, we all know that our body is mostly made of water, and if you are dehydrated, then your eyes are also going to get affected. So, make sure that you keep yourself hydrated and protect all your vital organs.