Home Sport NHL: Incredible turn of events in San Jose, Boston advances

NHL: Incredible turn of events in San Jose, Boston advances

by Nebojša Vujinović

The Boston Hokey team came out with a resounding victory against Toronto in the last match in series of seven in the first round of playoffs with a score of 5:1. In the Eastern conference finals they are meeting Columbus, which beat the best regular season team, Tampa Bay, with a score of 4:0.

The team from Massachusetts had a great start to their match to much surprise from their fans with goals from Nordstrom and Johanson, they won the first period with 2:0. Tavares scored a goal in the 24th minute making it 2:1 and gave some hope to the Canadian team, but in the last part of the match Boston came on top.

In the last period Kuraly increased the lead to 3:1 in the third minute and two and a half minutes later Coyle made 4:1, and Bergeron made the score go up to 5:1 in the last minutes of the match.

San Jose also made it to the second round of the playoffs after a big comeback where they were losing 1 – 3 with three wins in a row, they knocked out the Vegas Golden Knights. The Sharks won their game after a big comeback in game 7 where they won 5:4 in overtime and it was Goodrow who scored the goal in the 19th minute of overtime.

The home team was behind by 3:0 and people could already see the Knights in the second round of the playoffs but after Eakin was thrown out of the match in the middle of the third period. In only 4 minutes the Sharks made the score 4:3 but that wasn’t the end yet.

With 47 seconds remaining in the third period Marchessault, as Eakin’s penalty was nearing its end, evened out the score which meant there would be overtime. In overtime Goodrow scored another goal and secured a meeting with Colorado in the conference finals.