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2019/2020 Toyota Hilux USA – No, it’s not new Tacoma

by Jeon

Why is Toyota Hilux popular everywhere in the world apart from North America US?

The New Toyota Hilux USA (2019 / 2024) has seen some changes and tweaks that should keep you interested. It consists of 4×4 and 4×2 models; you can also get a double cab, single cab, and extra-cab as well. Toyota Tacoma is one of the most versatile and popular trucks in the USA market.

The makeup of the range brings distinctive excitement for off-road driving. Shocks and suspensions will tackle every obstacle. Off-road and Sport are available. The Australian market has a whopping thirteen versions available. The range consists of high specSR5, midrange SR and entry grade Workmate models which are spread across various body style and drivetrain types. With so many options available, which one will you choose?

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There are side steps on the models and if you want underbody protection you can get a 4×4 or 4×2 Hi-Rider. All the models have a rear step bumper hence clambering into the tub is easy. In case you want the best looking model goes for the SR5 because top spec versions have a better look than cheaper models. The interior is similar to an SUV cabin and every variant has a touch screen. Your choice of model will determine the interior dimensions and the practicality available to you: a 2 seat single cab offers less comfort while a 4 seat or 5 seat cab has more size superior usability. With a top spec model, you will get leather in the interior pack.

What are the main stats for the engine and transmission?

The WorkMate petrol engine has a 2.7 liter four cylinder with a six-speed automatic gearbox. Its rear wheel drive comes with a power of 122kW 225Nm torque. The diesel model comes with a 2.8-liter turbo motor, diesel particulate filter, and turbocharger. All the models have a timing chain. The 4×4 models come with a turbo diesel engine capable of towing 3000kg. The tank capacity is sufficient on all models: 80 liters. For carrying capacity, Workmate has the highest with a 1225kg payload capacity, dual cab SR5 has a capacity of 925kg while SR dual cab has the lowest at 920kg.

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Fuel consumption

The petrol engine uses 11.1Litre per kilometer (L/km), the turbo 2.8-liter diesel consumes 13.7 L/km while the 2.4 liter consumes 7.1 L./km

How does the drive feel?

All Hi-Lux versions have a strong drivetrain and you will be impressed by how robust they feel while driving. The iMT intelligent transmission, rev-matches on the downshift, removing any lagginess between the gears.

History of the Toyota Hilux

The first Hilux was invented in 1968 in Japan. It had a 1.9-liter engine with a small horsepower: 84hp, with a 4-speed manual transmission.

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2nd Generation (1973-1974)

The model featured a 2-liter engine with a slightly increased 109hp. The popularity of the 3-speed automatic model increased in Japan and it was introduced in the U.S market as “The Truck”

3rd Generation (1975-1978)

This model was bigger is the size with a 2.2-liter engine that produced only 97hp because of the increased body size and weight. The model had an optional 5-speed manual transmission.

4th Generation (1979-1983)

4WD version was introduced as an option in this model. Design changes were made: single round headlights, front axle, and leaf suspension. The model had a 2.4-liter engine with 97hp and also featured 2-speaker radio, chrome bumpers, bucket seats.

5th Generation (1984-1988)

This model had a fuel-injected 2.4-liter engine with a 105hp. It had an option for turbocharged 2.4 with a choice of 4-speed or 3-speed automatic transmissions. The 4×4 Hilux Surf was introduced which created the division of Hilux Surf and 4Runner.

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6th Generation (1989-1994)

The 3-liter V-6 engine was introduced together with the award-winning model Xtracab SR5. In 1991, the production of Tacoma shifted its base to a new plant in California.

7th Generation

This generation was introduced in 2005 and included 3-litre turbo diesel engine and 2.7-liter engine. The powerful 4-liter, the V-6 engine was also introduced.

8th Generation

The current generation of Hilux features a 2.7-liter i4, 2.8 and 2.4-liter turbo diesel. The 2.7 and 2.4-liter engines have an option of manual or six-speed automatic. The larger diesel engine has only a six-speed automatic.


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If you want the New Toyota Hilux USA, you will be tempted to buy the SR5 model because it is the most attractive and presents a better value for money compared to others. It is difficult to ignore the most reasonably priced model in the range.

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