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Nailing the Business Casual Look

by Elsa Stringer

It can be confusing to figure out what each dress code wants from you, but when it comes to work, the stakes are higher. Indeed, while it may seem like a small aspect, this does have a big impact on the way the individuals who work with you see you. As such, if the place you work at asks for business casual, this article is going to help you out, so you’ll know what minimalistic pieces to shop for.  You can find more details on chescadirect.co.uk

Business casual is a dress code that usually refers to clothing that looks smart, but which is not too formal. With that in mind, while a suit may not be needed, a polished look is. 


For the summer, work with  light colors and clothing that’s made with materials that are breathable, like cotton and silk. You can also go with skirts and dresses, but they should not be too tight, as those can make you feel too hot. 


For the winter, go with long sleeves and use layers to make light pieces better suited for the cold temperatures. A great example would be a turtleneck top with a skirt and stockings. Of course, a coat is going to be needed for getting to the office and then back home. 


If you’re going to a conference, there’s no need to stress too much. You should consider the location you’re going to, and the weather, as this will tell you what type of garments to take with you. Do consider bringing some dressier options for the evenings. If the conference is going to last more than a few days,  pack plenty of neutral color items, as those work beautifully with different outfits.