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Tips for Moving During the Coronavirus Crisis

by William Gist

Everyone wonders if it’s safe to move during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mostly it is. You are allowed to do this during the time period in which movement is allowed. Of course, in this case you must comply with the current conditions, and do not forget for a minute about the precautions. Check curfew hours first.

Psychologists say that moving in the list of the most stressful events in life is third. When you just think about how much furniture, wardrobes, decorations, kitchenware, books to pack, you get panicked and  quit moving. Especially if you move during a pandemic crisis. No one will blame you if you even think about giving up, but you have no need. We have some tips to help you overcome this difficult situation.


The secret is well prepared. This is the only way to avoid moving into chaos and unnecessary torture. Still, don’t take this job lightly. The data says it takes about a month to pack things from a 50-square-foot apartment. However, we all spend almost all day in the house and as a result, circumstances change. Moving times may take a little longer, but stay positive because it’s just a reason to organize yourself even better.

Precautionary measures


It is true that life must continue even though the pandemic is ongoing, but that does not mean that we should behave the same as before. What is more, we all need to be very aware at all times of what is happening around us and strive to protect our health, and therefore the health of our loved ones.

So as long as you protect yourself (this way and others) when going out / entering the room, you can focus on your move. However, if you do not, you are putting yourself at risk (and thus others). So, here are some guidelines for a healthy start:

Getting out of the house involves dressing in an entrance hall, a part that is not clean, for example. After that, do not return to other rooms. A face mask is a must (see how to put it on YouTube without getting dirty). In the absence of a mask, self-adhesive menstrual pads can also be used.

Gloves – without touching your face or mouth! Be sure to tuck the ends of the sleeves under the gloves. For the duration of the epidemic, one should wear one pair of shoes left in front of the door (the virus is large and heavy, floating briefly in the air and falling to the ground where it persists for several days) – this is why streets and buildings are disinfected. Do not approach anyone more than 2 meters away.

When you are away from home, remember to constantly practice physical distance from other people even though you are wearing a mask and gloves. This is also a precautionary measure.


When you return to the room, you should do so by placing a disinfectant sprayed cloth on the doormat. In the foyer, remove the jacket first and place it on the floor right next to the door and put the rest of the clothes in it. Pack it even after changing it in the clothes you will wear in the house, bring it to the terrace, if any, if not – leave it hung at the very entrance, which is further treated as “dirty” space.

Disinfect the floor that has been in contact with clothing when the dressing is completed. Disinfect door handles, telephone, keys and other household items. Leave empty bags in the waste bin in the lobby. The virus lives on fabrics for a few hours and on metal for up to 12 hours.

Then, no matter what you move during a pandemic and constantly think about whether you have properly protected yourself, how many people are around you, where you are at… Don’t forget about other practical things like organizing boxes, checking and other elements of moving. Our recommendation is to throw out whatever you don’t need.


Moving tips

Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of everything you don’t need (old furniture, old things, everything you didn’t need for at least 2 years and is in the house, broken toys, all those little things that you have received over the years, and they didn’t even like you then …). So throw away – but with a mask and gloves!

Start preparing on time, you need to pack separately from each room in your old apartment. Mark the packaged boxes, suitcases and bags from one room so that you can see at any time where the item is. It is best to make different color stickers for each room.

Make a checklist. From the experience of people who are professionally moving, it is invaluable to make a list of things to do while moving. A list like this will keep you on track, and as moving day approaches, you’ll have an overview of the things you’ve done and clicked on the list. It just won’t happen that you forget the important things.

Pack a folder – The moving organizer is actually a folder where you will put away all your documents related to the apartment, birth certificates, citizenship, passports, bills …

We are all looking for different ways to make this process easier, so we resort to different methods. One of them is certainly to start moving by not only relying on the members of the house who move in with us (if any) but always welcome us, friends, relatives … After all, whoever “volunteers” you’re welcome. However, it really is too much work without a professional, like Easy Peasy Removals. It is best to contact them in advance to check their working hours and procedures now in times of emergency.

We also have an understanding for those who have long fantasized about this move, at least a month in advance they made preparations and finally that day came, but also a pandemic. You must be concerned about the necessary movement of your complete life from one place to another. No matter you hire a professional, you are also concerned about the safety of your future home and environment. Listen to us and ask yourself a few questions. Depending on the answer, you will know for sure what to do next.


1. Where is your location? What are the statistics (COVID-19 infection rate / mortality rate) in the area?

2. How many people live there?

3. How many people participate in the move?

4. Do any of the possible attendees have any indication or clear symptoms of the virus?

5. Do you have enough space during the move to keep people physically distant?

In most cases, you should continue moving. However, if you find worrying answers, cancel the move immediately. Or if more than a few people are banned from gathering in your country during an emergency. Think carefully and act responsibly.

Make sure that people involved in moving out also follow the precautions (mentioned above). However, this is a time when we should all be united, full of patience, understanding and a sense of community. So give yourself and your family plenty of time and if someone is unwell, put your health first.



There are often things in our lives that we must bravely face. It is very important then to remain positive, even though it may seem difficult at times, but only in this way will we overcome the negativity that threatens to take over our lives. Discard all negativity. In times of pandemic, when most of us do not see other people regularly or at all, maintaining a positive mood is more important than ever.