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6 Most Common Signs that You Have Sensitive Skin

by Ingeborg

Looking nice is something we all strive to achieve. People use different methods to improve their physical appearance. Some people would go to the gym. Others would start a diet, etc. It doesn’t truly matter how old you are. Older people might have an even stronger desire to look nice. Some of them can’t accept that they are getting old.

Well, one of the biggest problems that all people have to face is sensitive skin. The quality of our skin reduces because of different reasons. Some people are simply living unhealthy, and the best proof of that is visible on their skin. However, there are also some factors that we can’t directly control. For instance, high air pollution is also a reason why having perfect skin is delicate.

Fortunately, many skin care products can help you with this problem. If you would want to find more about them, click on the website that we attached. However, the more important thing is – do you even need these products?

Starting a treatment without knowing which problem your skin exactly has is wrong. Some signs can tell you that your skin is sensitive. Because of that, you should do a mini-test before using any of these products.

Let’s find out together the most common signs that you have sensitive skin.

1. Reaction to Bad Weather


Let’s imagine that you went out on a cold and windy day and you spent a lot of time outside. Which reaction your skin exactly had? People that have a problem with rosacea will immediately see the reaction they see. The reaction usually comes in the form of flushing.

If these are the signs that you see, there are certain things that you should do. Use the skincare products that contain ingredients like chamomile, azulene extract, and calendula. It would be smart to apply them to your skin each time before you get out of the home.

2. Reaction to UV Rays


This might sound silly at first glance. Some people will ask – “Can I even go outside when I have sensitive skin?” The good news is that you can, but you need certain things to protect yourself.

Many people step into the sun without sunscreen and hat—these two things we usually use when we go to the beach. However, people with sensitive skin have to act like they are going to a beach every day. If you do not protect yourself with these two things, you will be beet-red and flushed. The skin rush won’t only be visible on your face. It will also be visible on your chest and outer arms.

The perfect sunscreen for you would be the one that comes with SPF 30 or higher. It would be great always to bring a small package in your pocket.

3. Reaction to Beauty Products


There is one thing that people with sensitive skin need to know. Their skin tends to have a thinner skin barrier, which can cause different problems. It will happen quite often that the skincare products will burn or sting.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use moisturizers, cleansers, or sunscreens. However, you need to be careful when purchasing those products. It is recommendable that you stick to the hypoallergenic ones that are formulated for this type of skin. Despite that, you must find a reliable supplier. We attached one website where you can find the products that will match your needs.

4. Dry Patches


You have probably heard about eczema before. It is one sort of dermatitis that is caused by a leaky skin barrier. More precisely, your skin cannot effectively trap moisture. Well, the signs of this skin issue are usually irritation and dryness. If you are dealing daily with these two signs, you can be sure your skin is sensitive.

An even biggest problem is that flaking and scaling are developing over time. Fortunately, the solution does exist. People with eczema should use over-the-counter creams. Still, if you suffer from more persistent flare-ups, topical steroids would be a much better choice. The chemicals they contain have the power to relieve this sort of skin.

5. Redness


People with sensitive skin will tell you that red color is something they hate the most. Well, you have to understand them because redness is something they deal with often. This type of problem can come in different shapes. For instance, it can come in the form of red bumps and a red rash. In some less common cases, it can come in the form of red dilated blood vessels.

This type of issue can truly be annoying for the victim. It can sometimes negatively influence his/her mental strength. As we said in the beginning, we all tend to look nice when going out of the home. Yet, with these red spots, our plans are completely ruined. People start to feel less confident and depressed.

If you have that type of problem, we need to tell you that everything is fine. There are two simple things that you have to do. Some minor treatments can solve the problem that you have. Your skin will feel better quickly, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to fix the problem.

Despite that, you need to know in every moment which ingredients irritated. When you determine that, you need to avoid using products that contain them completely.

6. Broken Capillaries


People will broken capillaries have a problem with tiny blood vessels. You can always see them near the skin’s surface. Cheeks and nose are usually the places where they are extremely visible. Well, the sensitive skin has the low-quality protective layers. Because of that, they will easily cause broken capillaries. Research carefully which skincare products can exactly help you with this.


It is important to stay positive when you face this problem. We know that you do not look as you imagine. The problem with skin can truly take our nerves and patience. Yet, picking the right products and changing the daily routine is the key here. Follow the reaction of your skincare and see which things you need to change. Of course, you should visit a doctor as well and hear useful pieces of advice.