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How Sond Skincare Can Help You Treat Sensitive Skin

by Sinke Car

Sensitive one can be annoying, itchy, unsightly and quite a problem for sufferers. People who have sensitive type have to be very careful with what touches their body, they may have to be vigilant with their diet and they will certainly have to take extra care with their skincare regime.

They will have to choose products that are specially formulated for sensitive one. Treated incorrectly, it can result in anything from dry, itchy, scaly skin to redness and swelling and pustules on it, some of which may weep. It can be a very debilitating condition if left unchecked.

SondSkin care offers a range of products developed especially for those with sensitive skin. So, how can Sond Skincare help you treat your sensitive skin?

Product Range


There is a range of products available that have been carefully developed for those with sensitive skin. The range consists of day and evening moisturizers, a cleanser and a serum to infuse the under layers of the skin with nutrients. The products are available in packs or they can be purchased individually.

Natural Ingredients


The ingredients in the products have been chosen with care so as to soothe and calm the skin. Gone are the nasties such as parabens and mineral oils which are found in many of the skincare products in common use. For those who are animal-friendly, their range of products have not been tested on animals.


The PH scale measures the ‘potential of hydrogen’. The scale runs from 1 – 14 with 7 being neutral. Values below 7 are considered acidic and values above 7 are regarded as alkaline. The Sond range has a PH value of 7.3, making their products slightly alkaline, but why is this important? By creating an alkaline environment, it allows our skin cells to operate more effectively and by alkalizing it, it provides strength to the connective tissue. The alkaline environment also helps to encourage hydration of the skin which is extremely beneficial for those suffering from dry conditions. All of this supports the growth and development of fresh, healthy skin.

Works Quickly

Sond Skincare products have been shown to deliver benefits very quickly. The first of the results can be seen after only 1 week with the full changes noticeable in only 6 weeks. Of course, instructions as to the proper use of the products should be followed for the maximum possible effectiveness.



Sond Skincare has been shown to help many people with chronic and acute skin conditions. There are compelling video testimonials on their website and the many reviews point to the effectiveness for many conditions including dryness, acne, rough skin patches, and different forms of eczema.

These products have been developed and created to avoid harsh chemicals with the focus on natural ingredients instead. All of the products can be used daily as a part of a skincare regime by people with different skin types and for those with sensitive one, all of the products have been shown to help alleviate problematic conditions.