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Tackling Lockdown Locks: Tips For Managing the Most Common Hair Complaints

by Nina Smith

Lockdown has presented us with a number of different problems, worries and difficulties that we have all had to overcome. One of which is hair salons not being opened, meaning that we have been unable to have our hair or hair extensions cut, re-styled or professionally maintained. Despite not being able to go out and about during lockdown, for many, a good hairstyle can give them more confidence and having it styled makes they feel motivated.

Although there are hair clip-in hair extensions that can be applied at home, many are still unable to have them cut or styled just the way they like it to look! Fortunately, we have put together some of our top tips for managing the most common hair complaints according to Easi Lock, for hair with and without extensions, so you can tackle those lockdown locks and regain your confidence and productivity during these difficult times.

Limp or Oily Hair

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Whether the products you use leave your hair lifeless or your hair is naturally oily, this is certainly a hair complaint that needs to be tackled. The first step is to wash your hair and to use a shampoo designed for oily hair. Dry shampoo can also be used instead of washing it to help absorb oil at the root. If you want to use a natural alternative, then you should consider white vinegar. It can help to get rid of product build-up and help every strand of hair to expand. The thicker strands help your hair to look fuller.

Split Ends

Split ends can be kept from getting worse and they can also be prevented. A finishing serum with keratin or even high-grade silicon oil can be used to seal the ends together, which can help to prevent it from climbing any further up the strand of hair.

If you want to prevent any further damage from occurring, you can blow dry your hair on a cool setting, followed by using a fine-toothed comb instead of using a hair brush to detangle. If you’re prone to using heat styling tools on a daily basis, then it would be beneficial to invest in a quality heat protectant. In addition to avoiding placing heat directly on the ends of your hair.

Frizzy Hair

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Frizzy hair occurs when the outermost layer, known as the cuticle, isn’t sealed all the way. This can cause moisture to seep in, which can because of a number of reasons, such as sun exposure, dryness and damage. To manage frizz and keep your hair sleek, it’s important that your cuticle stays flat. Use styling products can lightly coat hair in order to keep out moisture from the elements. You should leave in products that contain protein, which can help to strengthen porous cuticles.


Dandruff is harmless, but can be a complete nuisance to manage, as well as being very embarrassing. You can treat your dandruff by exfoliating your scalp by using salicylic acid to lift the top layer of dry skin, whilst using an exfoliating brush. This will help to break down dead skin cells that accumulate on the scalp and result in white flakes you can check on goodnewstories.com. There are also certain dandruff shampoos that contain zinc or sulfur that will help.

Hopefully these top tips will help you to manage these very common hair complaints during lockdown, so you can say goodbye to bad hair days!

Hair Loss Prevention Tips Every Man Should Know

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Balding is probably the greatest grievance of men. By age 35 66% of men have encountered some sort of going bald. Albeit some going bald is because of hereditary qualities, now and then it is brought about by other preventable things.

1. Eat more fish. Fish are sound and loaded with minerals and protein. They likewise are an incredible method to get your omega-3 and D vitamins. Both of which have indicated anticipation. Fish likewise offers a huge load of other sound advantages for your body.

2. Keep yourself at sound iron levels. Pallor can be brought about by an iron lack, all the more ordinarily known in ladies, can likewise cause startling balding. Basically eat some iron-rich nourishment like tofu and pumpkin seeds.

3. Deal with your pressure. Some of the time a distressing occasion causes a “stun to your body” that adjusts the common hair cycle. This could even reason up to 40% of your hair to vanish, and afterward 3 months after the fact it begins shedding. Do things that mitigate pressure, or cut upsetting things out of your life on the off chance that you can.

4. B Vitamins. The B nutrients 2, 12, biotin, and folate are critical to the point that occasionally they are even recommended by a specialist for clinical medicines for going bald.

5. Customary Exercise. Customary exercise may apparently the main exhortation – in any event when we are discussing your entire body, including your hair. Exercise can help pressure alleviation and builds skin dissemination. Work flushes out poisons from the body helping the skin all the while.

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

6. Be careful about certain physician endorsed drugs. Blood thinners like warfarin, ligament meds and mental medications like lithium are a few instances of professionally prescribed prescriptions that can make going bald.

7. Individual Hygiene. Despite the fact that it’s not actually an immediate reason for losing your hair, an overall absence of individual cleanliness can prompt parasitic scalp diseases like fungus capitis that bring about sketchy hair development.

8. Watch your carbs. Try not to eat nourishments high in starches like; Potatoes, rice, and pasta. By trimming down on these things you will manage your glucose levels and reduce losing your hair.

9. Spices. Spices like ginseng, astragals and licorice. Please be sure to counsel your PCP before you any of these as a container.

10. Evade liquor and caffeine. Both liquor and caffeine can bring down the degrees of b nutrients, nutrient c, folic corrosive and zinc, causing lack which at that point influences hair development.

11. Scalp knead. Another reason for losing your hair is a direct result of powerless hair bulbs. To fortify your bulbs, you should initiate your hairs digestion. So on the off chance that you rub your scalp a couple of times each week you can achieve this.

12. Grasp it. Regardless of whether you do at last lose the fight, you’ll be getting a club together with heaps of individuals, and who knows? Perhaps you’ll discover a couple of advantages!