#StandUpForWonho Trends on Twitter after Allegations against Monsta X’s Wonho Continue

by Tracy Finke

Monsta X fans, known as “Monbebes,” have rallied on Twitter, around Wonho Shin-Seok, in support of the singer with sharing emotional messages and claiming that he was mistreated.

Heartbroken fans got the hashtag #StandUpForWonho trending worldwide.

“This fight we knew it was going to be long and tedious and we have to keep pushing through, we’re fighting against a system that has done nothing to protect idols (who are human) against accusers that have gotten away. We have to protect them”, wrote user @patix_mx.

Monbebes also shared their hope for a return of Wonho in the K-pop group earlier this week with the trending hashtags #HopeforWonho and #WebelieveinMonstaX.

26-year-old singer and songwriter departed from the Monsta X two weeks ago following allegations of marijuana usage, financial mismanagement as well as rumors that he was attending a juvenile detention center in his younger days.

Starship Entertainment released an official statement that Wonho would no longer be part of the seven-member K-pop group.

Wonho confirmed his exit from Monsta X in a letter, in which he apologized to his fans for “causing them pain.”

Monbebes showed unity worldwide and gathered in various countries to show support for the Wonho and Monsta X. They expressed support for the young singer and his rehabilitation efforts.

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