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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Web Hosting Services

by Dangula Bingula

The success of your online presence depends on your web host. You cannot afford frequent downtimes, which will lead to frustration on behalf of your customers. You will also lose traffic to your website because no one has the time to wait for your pages to load. It is therefore essential that you look for a good web hosting company. You can check out https://www.traffictsunami.com/5-best-hosting-companies/ for a review of some of the best hosting companies.

So what are some of the mistakes you should avoid?


  • Free Is Not Always Best

Sure it’ll help you save some money, but free hosting may not be the best. You have to contend with slow-loading pages and unsolicited advertisements. You also lack scalability and will be unable to perform certain operations, among others. You also can not take full advantage of SEO, which is key to building awareness of the company.

  • Not Doing Your Research

Under no conditions should you sign onto a hosting company without sufficient research? There is no better way of knowing how good the company is than to read customer reviews. You need to be wary, though; some companies do pay for positive reviews. So if all you find very positive feedback, then you may need to dig a little deeper. Look at how the company responds to the clients anytime an issue comes up.


  • Ignoring Marketing Language

You will find some hosting companies promising a lot at a very low price. They will use marketing language to lure you in. You, therefore, need to take your time to sift through the marketing language and question everything they are offering. Others also have certain restrictions that may impact on the running of your website. They may, for example, not allow you to install your software. They may also not allow for multiple POP accounts. You will only have yourself to blame if you sign on without taking the time to understand what your money entitles you to.

  • Not Checking Out The Customer Support

Imagine having an issue with the website and have no way of reaching the customer care desk. If the web hosting company promises that you can contact them by email, chat, or telephone, Take time to see if they deliver on their promise. Make sure that you also check the customer reviews to see what they say about the customer service.

  • Not Choosing The Right Package

Think about your requirements and look for a package the response appropriately. While the cheapest option may be attractive to you as a beginner, it may be limiting. An excellent package should have benefits such as an SSL certificate for security, domain privacy, and email support, among others.

Before signing up, make sure that the host has a refund period in case you’re not happy with the service.


Final Thoughts

Avoid the mistakes we have highlighted above when choosing your web hosting company. You want to choose one that allows you to grow while giving your customers the best experience. You can check the sites such as WebsiteHosting.com  or top5hosting.co.uk and check the offers before you make the decision.