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How Can Your Small Youtube Channel Go Viral?

by Ingeborg

If you have a small YouTube channel with a handful of followers, you probably wonder what it would be like to wake up one morning and see your analytics blow up because one of your videos went viral. That would bring in more views, you could increase your ad revenue, not to mention the world of possibilities from sponsored content.

We’re not saying that any small channel can become famous overnight. However, many talented YouTubers fly under the radar and don’t reach fame because they don’t know how to promote their videos.

Here a few things you can try:

Know what’s trending

Your channel doesn’t have to be only about trending topics, but looking at YouTube trends can help you understand what users are looking for. For example, maybe there’s a particular challenge you can do to boost exposure, or maybe you can upload your own video commentary on some news that’s getting a lot of attention. Again, this doesn’t mean you should change your niche. YouTube has many micro-communities, from beauty and fantasy to DIY and tech, and becoming viral in one of them will open up many doors.

Make a great impression with thumbnails, titles, and intros

First impressions matter, especially for YouTube users, whose attention span is getting lower every year. To make sure people are actually compelled to click on your videos, work on your thumbnail editing skills, think of catchy titles, and make a fun intro. Of course, the rest of the video matters more than anything, but before that, you need to pique users’ interest with a title that’s worth 10 000 YouTube views! Use all the software that is available to you, use Socialblade, use the video editing software that suits you best, use video templates etc.

Use keywords


SEO isn’t just for websites, but for YouTube videos too. People use all sorts of terms to find videos on YouTube, so get creative and include as many keywords as possible, without becoming spammy. Words such as “DIY”, “easy”, “free”, “quick”, and “review” typically drive clicks, so make sure you include them in your title and video description.

Buy YouTube views


Because of the latest changes in the YouTube algorithm, many small YouTubers have been complaining about low view counts. That’s because unless your video has enough views to end up in Trending, chances are few very people will watch it. One way to bypass this problem is to click here to your views and buy views from real visitors. This way, your view count will go up in the first 24 hours or so, and that will increase the chances of your videos getting to Trending or Recommended. Normally, reaching 1000 views in less than two days can be very difficult for small channels, but if you buy views your video can be discovered while the topic is still relevant.

Promote your videos


Last, but not least, you should promote your videos wherever it is relevant in the first 24 hours, which are crucial. Don’t ask people in the comments to check out your video, because many users don’t check the comments. Instead, post a direct link to your video on social networks like Facebook or Reddit.