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Milla Jovovich Is Close to Her Due Date

by Elsa Stringer

Famous Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich is close to becoming a mother for the third time, as her due date is scheduled for any day now. However, the 44-year-old star can regularly be seen walking around Beverly Hills.

Most recently, she was snapped taking advantage of a beautiful day outside. The “Fifth Element” and “Underworld” star was all smiles in a wide summer dress, through which her pregnant belly is more than obvious.


It is easy to see how close she is to giving birth to her third child, and the second girl. However, nothing could prevent her from enjoying herself that day.


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After two divorces, she finally found happiness with screenwriter and director Paul V. S. Anderson, 54. The pair have been married since 2009, and they met on the set of “Resident Evil”. So far, they have a daughter and a son together.


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For those of you who don’t know me, I’m about to have our 3rd baby and I’m SO GRATEFUL for being pregnant again, especially at my age and I thank god everyday for blessing me, but Oh my lord am I ready to have this baby. ? 2 weeks and change till we welcome our new little human and as every woman in history who has ever had a baby knows well, the last month is SO HARD! Ladies, what are some of your most uncomfortable memories from the last month before delivery? I mean, i seriously gotta relate to some mama’s for a second! I’m fully elephant ankles, back pain, hips hurt, running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. And sleep? Forget it. Which is so annoying because if the baby is a screamer like our eldest was, we won’t be seeing the back of our eyes for the next few years!? Tbh, bring it on because as long as I can stretch again and go to the gym again and just be able to simply put my socks on again without turning red from effort, I think I’ll be able to handle anything. The only positive is this awesome dress by @asos which i love and is so cool and comfy, but I’m wearing it so much because i only have a few nice maternity dresses! 2 weeks and change people. Let’s do this.✊??

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