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Mike Bloomberg Continues to Troll Donald Trump on Twitter

by Sinisav

POLITICAL FLARE – 02/10/2020: It seems that President Donald Trump finally got himself a worthy opponent. Mike Bloomberg started a media war against Trump, and he’s doing good so far. He’s one of the rare candidates that can actually touch Trump the way Trump affects other candidates – by trolling.

The one advantage that Bloomberg has over other candidates, and even Trump himself, is his money. If you have enough money, you can pay for whatever you want. Former New York City major is doing precisely this. He already spent almost $300 million on his campaign, and we’re only talking about what he invested in the internet, TV, and radio commercials.


Source: bloomberg.com

According to Axios, everything that Bloomberg is doing is giving results. Thanks to his actions, Trump had Twitter meltdowns on more than one occasion. POTUS also mentioned Bloomberg on his rallies and TV appearances. The way things stand now, Mike is driving Trump crazy. Trump always responds to provocations, and because of that, he started calling Bloomberg, Mini Mike.

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Bloomberg’s campaign is concentrated on making Trump look poor. POTUS seems to highlight his success in the field of economy, and he doesn’t fail to mention this whenever he can. Mike, on the other side, tries to show the people Trump’s reduced success rate in his business ventures. He seeks to highlight all the deals and agreements that Trump failed to deliver upon promising them.

These actions probably won’t convince anyone that Donald Trump is poor or that he doesn’t know how to deal with money. What it will do is make Trump go crazy and defensive on Twitter. This response from Trump is what Bloomberg expects and what he will probably receive.

So, the end product would be that at least some voters would realize just how inadequate Trump is for President. The campaign has only started, and there will be time for everyone involved to show their true faces. This is one duel we are hoping to see.

Source: politicalflare.com