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Michelle Obama Praises Alicia Keys at Billboard Awards

by Nebojša Vujinović

Alicia Keys is the mainstream name in US music for a while now, but the latest praises she received must feel good for her. It is not every day that Michelle Obama goes out of her way to heap some good words about you. By now Alicia must be feeling really special, and as someone who made it both as a musician and a human being.

During the 2024 Billboard Music Awards that were held in Los Angeles, it was Michelle Obama the one to introduce Alicia to the stage. Keys was there to sing some of her older and newer songs in what was to be the 20th anniversary of her album Songs in A Minor. For younger generations, this was her debut album. The album was released on June 5th of 2001. Back then Alicia was only twenty years old and in an attempt to pave her way in the music industry.

Talking about Keys, and her single that won the Grammy Award back in the day, former First lady said: “I remember what it felt like to feel like to hear the song ‘Fallin’ for the first time. It was edgy and soulful, graceful yet raw.” the wife of former president Barack Obama is57-years old herself, which means she was an adult back when Alicia made her debut, but of age that could fully appreciate the star on the rise.

Source: nypost.com

Following on her kind words from the opening statement she added: “This young singer was taking us to church and the symphony and a candlelight dinner and couples therapy and everywhere else all in a little more than three minutes. I knew right then and there that this wouldn’t be the last we’d hear from Alicia Keys, and in the years since she’s amazed us again and again in so many ways.”

Michelle Obama didn’t only praise keys for her music accolades. Her respect for the singer goes way deeper and she even called her an advocate for various social issues including women and families. She also praised the role she has in many lives as a musician, mentor, wife, friend, and family member. Former First Lady also said that Alicia is an inspiration for both her and her daughter in so many ways.

Alicia Keys responded to the kind words in the best manner possible, by taking the stage and dominating it by singing her hits after hits. Some of the songs that stood out during her twenty-year career include Piano&I, How Come You Don’t Call Me, and of course Fallin. With twenty years of career behind her and worldwide recognition, it is still hard to believe that this singer is only 40 years old. We can say without a doubt that still many things lie ahead of her. All we should do is lie back and wait till she performs her magic.