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What to Do When You Lock Your Keys in Your Car Without a Spare?

by Tracy Finke

I don’t know about you, but in the past, I thought that I really don’t have to bring my spare car key with me whenever I exit my house. Of course, this was my opinion until I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t access my vehicle because I locked myself out of it.

If you also found yourself in this unfortunate situation, you might be wondering what you can do to unlock your vehicle without a spare. To put it simply, there are several things that you could do before choosing to call the AAA or a locksmith, and before we take a look at the list of options, there is one thing that you need to be aware of:

Firstly, Determine The Locking Mechanism Your Car Features

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Before you can try some of the options we’ll feature in this article, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll first need to determine the locking mechanism your car has. The locks will vary depending on the brand and model of your car. For instance, newer vehicles will most likely have power locks that can be opened by utilizing a remote control, however, in most cases, older models can only be accessed manually. Additionally, some may have a locking knob by the window, while others may have a handle.

So, before you actually test some of the unlocking procedures we’ll mention below, it’s important that you ensure that you learn where the mechanism is located – which can be on the exterior, inside, or both areas of the door. Once you take a look and determine which sort of lock your vehicle features, you can then move on to trying some techniques for unlocking it, which includes the list of following things:

1. Grab a Hanger For Clothes

One of the first and, perhaps, most common methods for unlocking a car door is to utilize a hanger. Though it could often be time-consuming, it may end up saving you hundreds of dollars since you won’t require to call a locksmith. You’ll require a hanger that can be untwisted at the top and you’ll have to make a hook that can be pushed into the stripping located around the window. Once you do this, you’ll need to move it around a little bit until you locate the locking device.

If you’re having trouble locating it, you could always check out some guides that’ll reveal where it’s located on specific car models, and this will only work on a horizontal lock. Now, you should know, this cannot be done with a plastic hanger, however, if you have a long, sturdier wire that can be made into a hook, you could use it instead of a hanger. If this doesn’t work, move on to the next method.

2. A Screwdriver And Rod Could Help

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For this method to work, you’ll need a screwdriver, rod, and a bit of time. Any strong and long rod can work for this method, hence, if you cannot find one that’s, for instance, made out of steel, you could utilize another one that won’t bend. By utilizing the screwdriver, pry one of your doors open, and then push the stick in it. This should be enough to push the mechanism, thus, opening the entrance to your vehicle.

You should keep in mind since you’ll be pushing two metal objects inside of the door, you might end up damaging the interior and surface of your vehicle, which is why you must be extra careful with employing this method. Also, if you don’t have the tools you require, it’ll still be more affordable and less time-consuming for you to buy them at the local hardware store instead of waiting for the tow truck to arrive.

3. An Inflatable Wedge Can Help

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Before you call the AAA, the law enforcement, or a locksmith, another thing that you could try is using an inflatable wedge for opening your car door. By choosing this technique, you won’t only be able to access your vehicle, but you could also prevent damage to the surface and interior, thus, you won’t have to pay for the expensive repairs. The technique resembles the aforementioned one, but without the risk of damaging the car.

For starters, you should put the wedge at the top of your door and slowly inflate it, and by doing so, you’ll be able to create sufficient space for placing a rod or stick in it. Once you do this, you’ll need quite some time to locate the lock and push or pull it to unlock your vehicle. If this doesn’t work, you’re really left with two other unlocking options that you can try, both of which will require you to hire services from companies.

4. Call a Locksmith!

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If none of the options we’ve mentioned works for you, you’ll most likely have to call a locksmith. Now, keep in mind, you cannot really call any locksmith out there, hence, for starters, start looking for one that operates in your local area. Thus, if you live in Arizona, you could opt for hiring a locksmith Tucson company are such as https://locksmithtucson.us/

But, there are two more things that you need to check.

For starters, check and see the reviews they have on their official website, but you should also check the ones left on independent sites, mostly because they tend to be more honest. Also, don’t forget to compare different companies so that you can see which ones offer the best price, and by doing so, you can guarantee that you’re not overpaying for specific services. When you check these things, opt for a company that suits your needs.

5. The Law Enforcement Might Help

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Lastly, you can opt for calling the police, that’ll help you with unlocking your door. Now, you should know, this method should only be used if you’re in an emergency situation or if you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. Nonetheless, the law enforcement might arrive at your location with the fire department who will unlock your car door by using the methods we’ve mentioned above or a different one.


If you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle, you should definitely test some of the unlocking techniques we’ve mentioned above. However, if they don’t work, you may have to call a locksmith that’ll know exactly what they must do. So, since you now know what you can opt for, don’t lose time, instead, try unlocking your car!