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Here Is The Secret Behind Michael Jordan’s Yellow Eyes

by Nebojša Vujinović

Since the premiere of the new basketball documentary series “The Last Dance,” fans have been speculating about the yellowish eyes of Michael Jordan. In the series, the best basketball player in history speaks on many subjects from his career, and appears to have yellow eyes.

Fans are worried about their favorite athlete and have been speculating about the reason behind it. Many have tried to find what causes the eyes to become yellow and there are several possibilities.

Source: twitter.com

Genetics is one of the obvious answers to this peculiar questions, but that is not good enough for many. Other reasons could also include liver issues as a result of high alcohol intake. More precisely, its name is jaundice infection, and it happens when  oxygen-carrying components in  blood break down and become bilirubin.

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All in all, it is nothing serious and definitely nothing for the fans to worry about. Jordan is fine and healthy, and even though he enjoys an occasional drink and is fond of fine cigars, as a former athlete his health awareness is on a high level.

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