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Is Michael Jackson The Most Influential Singer of All Time?

by Tracy Finke

It is pretty safe to say that Michael Jackson is and always will be the most influential singer of all time. He became a favorite pop star for millions of people from all over the world, so much so that he managed to become more influential than some of the biggest stars including the king of rock Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and even Frank Sinatra!

His raw, incomparable talent helped get rid of the segregation happening in the music industry in the US and with this, there was an entirely new era of artists that followed in his footsteps. We’ve compiled a list of ways Michael Jackson impacted pop culture, as well as other spheres in our world:

1. He Influenced Thousands of New Artists

Source: vanityfair.com

Just like Elvis and Dylan before him, Michael quickly transformed pop culture, in ways that might be difficult to understand at first. Because of all the changes he brought with him, he influenced almost every single artist that came after him – and in one way or another, he still manages to influence up-and-coming artists today! His energetic dance moves, mesmerizing voice, fashion sense, state-of-the-art music videos, and artistic expression all helped shape thousands of new artists.

It’s actually easy to see how he managed to influence artists, and all you’ll have to do is take a look at some music videos or listen to some songs coming from popular musicians such as Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, and you’ll quickly realize that he will always be present in the minds of superstars. Yup, he influenced even the largest superstars of today, which is why he will remain the most influential singer of all time.

2. His Music is Like no Other

When Jackson was first introduced to the public, he wasn’t even a teenager yet, however, he did mesmerize people with his amazing singing voice. From the beginning of the ‘70s all the way to the ‘90s, he was the frontman of “Jackson Five”, a band that was comprised of him and his older brothers. But, after that, his solo career quickly took off and he usually incorporated a lot of genres into his songs, including pop, disco, rock, as well as jazz.

He quickly became famous for his “hee-hees” and high-pitched singing and some experts even believe that he singlehandedly managed to save the music industry, especially since Jackson incorporated various styles into his songs. Yes, other pop stars probably sell millions of albums as well, but none of them are taken as seriously as Michael. Also, he didn’t only have thirteen number 1 hit singles, he also managed to get 13 Grammy awards! Because of this, his music and songs are still listened to today on platforms such as YouTube and Tubidy.

3. His Fashion Taste is Still Popular Today

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Michael is one of those people that dressed as they wanted to, which is why he had a style that quickly influenced the fashion industry. Some of his well-recognized clothes include his red leather jacket, white gloves, aviator glasses, high-waist pants, black shoes, and of course, his white glittery socks. There is no denying that Michael was the only one who could wear all of these things together and actually pull off the entire look.

When he was most popular, he even inspired a dozen fashion fads in the world, which is one of the main reasons why British Vogue named him a fashion pioneer who started the entire trophy jacket trend. His quirky and sometimes weird fashion style influenced many superstars of today, including Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and even Beyonce. If you look at today’s music industry, you might see that Michael is still present, in one way or another.

4. He Was an Advocate For Racial Politics

When Jackson and his brothers were starting out, they were quickly labeled as artists that managed to rise out from the ghetto. This did manage to make Jackson even more popular among American youth, however, the family did come across a wide range of hindrances along the way. When “Off The Wall” was released, it quickly became a success, especially since the entire album incorporated different talents from various races and countries.

MTV was once directed toward a white audience, however, when “Billie Jean” was released, it became the first music video that was broadcast on MTV and that was performed by an African-American artist. It’s worth mentioning that MTV first refused to play it since they were mostly a rock-oriented channel, however, when CBS Records threatened that they’ll suit the channel for being discriminatory, they did eventually play it, and it helped both MTV and Michael rise to superstardom.

5. He Used His Fame to Advocate For Humanitarian Causes

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Like many artists of his time, Michael also used his fame to advocate and raise awareness for topics that mattered to him the most. He supported a wide array of essential organizations such as Martin Luther King JR. Center for Social Change, UNICEF, the High Commission for Refugees, and many more. When it comes to the humanitarian work he often performed, he most commonly advocated for children and youth, and he did work with organizations from all over the world to support them.

6. He Was Worldwide Famous

Lastly, Michael Jackson is one of the few artists that reached millions of people from all over the world, meaning that he and his music became popular over the entire globe, even in countries that haven’t yet been familiar with Western culture. Hence, it can be said that he make connections to all corners of the Earth, even before the Internet existed. Even today he is loved and listened to by people from different countries and cultures.


As you were able to read, Michael Jackson wasn’t only a really popular artist. Instead, he used his fame to influence a wide range of industries such as fashion and he also used it for advocating for humanitarian and environmental causes, and by doing so, he raised awareness for the things that mattered to him the most.

Since you’re now well aware of how Michael Jackson became the most influential singer of all time, you might want to stop reading articles similar to this one. Instead, if you haven’t already, you might want to listen to some of his albums that helped shape the world that we know today.